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Okay ... Give a Hoot !!! The Crew at Hooters coming out to be on your side too. When you see this -- you know what it is you
have to defend. Giving a new meaning, and ... DEEP ... meaning to the phrase "THINK TANK."
With a guitar in hand. Rockin' The Corps. Cat Scratch Fever. Ted Nugent SALUTES You. We all SALUTE YOU !
And we wish you a Happy Holiday Season.
Now was that "Think Tank" or "Tank Top" ??? We're just playing. If we're playing maybe we should have a Guitar in hand.
Blessings and
Best Wishes To
All ... The Brave
Men and Women
serving America
This is for you !
The CORPS Rocks The World
This page is a HOT little piece of Eye Candy - sending well wishes to the Men and Women of the Marines, the Army,
Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard of America. And is also for all those who serve their own Country around the World.
We are one Earth. This is a place where Life is to be respected. The Photographer is David Hebble.
David Hebble
You all get home safe now.
If the time you are in gets
trying -- just remember how
good a smile: looks on you.
photographs by The Photographer
On Location at Camp Pendleton.
Rockin' The Corps sponsored
by Toyota, FedEx, Learjet,
Verizon, and Coors Light.
New Meaning to The Word. "Destiny." Beyonce. And Destiny's Child.
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