Napoleon Perdis also has accredited Academies of Make-Up and Beauty. If you really
want to get an education. From Runway to Reality.
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In store images by Richard Renda. Shot on location at SAKS Fifth Avenue ... in New York City.
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Let's Do "Make-Up"
in A Big Way !
When you have a Holiday, or a Special Event,
or you want to go into a New Year looking good
-- there is a name you should just know about.
The name is Napoleon Perdis. We will do a
profile on Napoleon down the road. But that is
not the story here. In all likelihood if you live in
America you do not know the name "Perdis."
Napoleon was a Lawyer. For more than a
decade he has been a Make-Up Artist and he
has his own line. The amazing thing is many
people do not know he has - "500 Stores" - in
His product line is
sold now in America
at SAKS Fifth Avenue
department stores
and online at
Make up
your own mix
and match
with brushes
and tools
and fill this
leather wrap
by Napoleon
Perdis the
way you like.
Or you can
purchase the
collection already
put together as
shown below.
The range of
products has
everything a girl or
woman might want.
Eye Make-up, Lip
Make-up ... everything
The product
colors are soft
and sexy. Let's
take a look.
Eye Patrol
eye shadow $18
Devine Goddess
lipstick $22
Napoleon Perdis at Saks
Fifth Avenue in New York
City. Wrapping up a 4
month tour across America
Lip Lacquer
Satin Lip lipgloss

Lip Patrol
lipstick $20
Lip palette
Napoleon Perdis
Chandelier Nail
Polish $12
Long Lash
Black Mascara $22
Cake Liner $18
Mosaic Puff $35
Bath and Shower
Gel $35
eyebrow pencil
sharpener $5
Curler $14
Waterproof cake
sealer $20
Multi Palette $80
Bronzing Brush $35
Boudoir Brush $40
Loose Eye
Dust $20
What makes the Napoleon
Perdis make-up line so
beautiful is the soft sensual
presence it creates. Rather
than the harsh biting yell at you
look. Check it out below. You
can see how it looks on yourself.
Napoleon Perdis
Tweezers $10
What BIG Beautiful Eyes --
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