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courtesy of Evander Holyfield
and Paulette Cleghorn
The Designer Loft, N.Y.C.
The Story ...

Many people are aware that Evander Holyfield has
fought his way into history. But many do not know
he is the only 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the
World. And few know about his personal desire to
make the world a better place for disadvantaged
young people!

The Holyfield Foundation is a non-profit
organization with a mission to enhance the lives of
youth worldwide by establishing programs and
facilities dedicated to their spiritual, educational
and athletic development. Selection for the
Holyfield Foundation Youth Scholarship is based
on a number of elements, including emphasis on
academic achievement, community involvement,
and financial need.
The Holyfield Foundation awards four year
scholarships to 10 recipients each year. The
Foundation was launched in 2000. The college
scholarship program celebrates the achievements
of high school students who are challenging the
odds. Currently, the program has 50 students
enrolled in accredited colleges and universities
throughout the United States.

Best to hear about the project from Evander
himself ...
"When I was a young boy growing up in the projects of Atlanta, my single mother could not afford to provide the lifestyle
that many of my peers had, but she did teach me that, with hard work and perseverance, I could achieve anything even
my dream of becoming heavyweight champion of the world. My membership at the Warren Memorial Boys & Girls Club
exposed me to many new and exciting experiences. The caring and giving people at the Club encouraged me to become
the best person that I could be inside and outside of the boxing ring. I created the Holyfield Foundation as a way to give
back the support I received as a child and to help disadvantaged young people become successful productive adults.
The Holyfield Foundation recognizes that children need guidance, support, and discipline in order to become champions.
The Foundation strives to enhance the lives of youth worldwide by establishing programs and facilities dedicated to their
spiritual, educational and athletic development. With the help of corporate and individual donations, as well as my own
financial contributions, the Foundation supports many organizations that assist underprivileged youth."
To Find Out More ... about Evander Holyfield and the Holyfield Foundation or to contribute to the project you can go
to www.EvanderHolyfield.com. On March 8, 2005 Paulette Cleghorn-Clomax flagged Totally Cool about a Benefit to
be held at The China Club in New York City at the end of month, which was to include a Silent Auction of Evander's
personal Boxing memorabilia. So what did we do ? We went. Of course. Many Thanks to Evander Holyfield and
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