We are travelers through time and space. A big thought. But it is a big Universe. With all the time in the world -- and all
the time in the universe. When it is a nice night out, go outside and look up at the stars and stare into Space. You will
enjoy it that much more. See how vast Life can really be and how vast The Universe you live in is. Who knows maybe
with all that you have learned here - it will help somebody, as you tell them about it. "Always going somewhere", an
interesting concept: Fact. So why would it be any different when you die ? Only thing anyone else can offer is ... an
argument of denial. The concept that "you are always going somewhere", as it is Life's function -- it will give someone
something to think about. Religions are the timeline of human culture. God is a living mind, a living existence in the
body called: all the universe. And evil is something that helps defines what good is. Know the difference.
Truth or
lie. Real or Fake. Somethings are actually -absolute- facts. Not spin doctoring of what the liars call themselves: "just
words." In truth, words are to have meaning. Not be baseless -or ... hollow. Life does have meaning.
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Totally Cool
The First Decade
1994 - 2004
dec. 25/26, 2004 ...
tsunami ...
What is God ???
- What is Religion -
The Kilauea Volcano - an amazing picture.
courtesy of USGS.gov
The First Decade. 1994 - 2004.
This is a Stand Alone page
now we are in the 2nd Decade ... 2006 ...
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Love this quote, "It is improbable
that everything that can happen
is happening today"
-- USGS.

( say what ?!! )
Someone very special said this piece should be shared
with the world. A write up ... on another page ... on another
web site - answering a question "what is God" and about
religion - that made a lot of sense. It also, along the route,
addressed the issue of: evil. People are confused in today's
world. This gave something to think about. Someone asked
the question: "what is God ? And what to do with so many
religions --" This was the response.
TO understand religion, the easiest way is recognize it as: A Timeline Of Human Culture. There, where you put it all
together, you find something new that serves modern times ... and all time. For me - my religion is: Totally Cool.
Now ask yourself what is Totally Cool to you ? Any answer you find to that question works - and is a correct answer.
If evils are not attached. And see, whatever is the answer ... it becomes part of your religion. Part of your everyday
living. We are in A Vortex of Time. Where all things come together. Want to sort it out ? First understand what God is
... then the rest will come to you. Okay. God. Think of THE WHOLE UNIVERSE as "one body." One complete body.
Like you - one body. You are -as a fact- an active mind that lives in one body. So the Universe is one body. And like
you - in it is a most powerful active mind living. Alive. On the Inside. Just like you. Now understand ... a living mind
Alive in the whole body of the universe and in the body of that thing called time - with an added math equation of Pi.
There ... now you have found: God. At that point you are halfway there. Here, this will give you something to ponder.
Was dealing with an old jewish woman who was a member of the legal community. Her husband died some time
ago. But based on her religion, her mindset was that: when you die you get buried - everything goes black, and it is
all over. Could not move her to the idea there was more. Or that maybe, based on this encounter - interaction, her
husband was trying to give her a message. She just wanted to believe he was dead. And dead means at her
understanding "end of report." To think that dead does not mean alive is: an error. But best to show things by having
a real life example. Like Darwin, we evolve. Darwin only went as far as he could for the times he was in. Here we
are in the time that goes one step further. The full extent of understandings. So here is what to ponder. As with the
little old jewish woman -- she would not come to reach or understand the idea when someone is dead: they are
very much alive ... just went forward to another place. A caterpillar to butterfly transition. Just made a change.
Oh about religion ... make like a cocktail and put them all together. Then you come up to speed for what will be and is
-- the future. The time we are in. Not just to live in the past.
Again, best to show understandings and examples based on things of absolute "fact." And some things are
absolute. This is what was said to her ... In every moment - "In every moment of your life: you are going
somewhere." This can not be argued. It is fact. "Whether you are going to the file cabinet, going to the desk, going to
make a phone call, going home, going to the store, going to the bathroom, going to watch tv, going to take the next
breath, going to eat something" -- In every moment it proves, "you are always going somewhere" ... just a plain fact.
It is a "Law of Nature" (unbreakable) and part of the function of all elements, science, the universe - and anything
alive. To make her understand what happens after the last breath these words were spoken. "So if every moment of
your life you are always going somewhere - then ..... why would it be any different when you die ??? Why would it be
any different when you die ?" "It is a function of The Universe. You are always going somewhere. So ... you go
somewhere." The little old jewish woman finally got it. She looked up as the light bulb went on in her head and
said, "what a wonderful point. You .... are .... right." The person making the point responded, "See ? A scientific fact.
Not just belief." She can see now, as a fact -- maybe you don't just wind up in a dead dark hole when you die. You
go somewhere. Like in every moment of your life -- you are ... going somewhere. And you go forward. Okay so ...
here is the statement: "The first thing you learn after your last breath is you are still alive." What else happens ?
Since in that fact you are still alive -- then, as you go on ... You learn. You learn a lot more things. And after the last
breath you take, for a while, you reach a place (go to a place) where you -as a living being- can rest in peace. Then it
might be that -after that- you come back out into a world like this. Where life shows itself to be more.
So now look at this. In fact, religion of the past is just a base of foundation to get people where they are going or
what is good for them in this world called earth at that particular time - whatever time it is. So strip it all away and
deal with basics. The universe is in whole -- one complete body (like you) - inside that body is a mind. Give it a
name. Some call it God. some call it Allah, some call it other things -- to see it is real. A living mind inside -
functioning. Like you: thinking inside. Evil is more about people. There is always a balance. With the good is the bad.
Like Love and hate. Have to have both to know the difference. And to know: "what not to be like", and, how to make
yourself a better human being inside. Or any other way ... life would be one dimensional. And nothing would be
learned. Okay hope this was fun for you. Be at peace with your own collective knowledge that you carry with you each
day as you go forward in time. And then what happens ? At that point, then: You are -more- than halfway there in the
realm of Pure Understandings. On that road you become 2 things: all the wiser and - truly enlightened. Cool baby.
Totally Cool.
As I said "my religion is ... Totally Cool." Now think about that statement. It can be read two ways. My religion - whatever
it is - is Totally Cool. Or my religion is some thing new. Respecting all religions and bringing it all together. It's new
name ... like christianity, buddhism, jewish, muslim ... is: "Totally Cool." Also called and known as: "The Highest Order."
Life becomes more fun ! Maybe one day this world we call earth will get to a better place called truth and the deepest of
understanding. Based on Facts and pure truth - not lies and illusions or only "hollow beliefs" someone tries to sell
you - or wants you to: "just believe." Sent with love. Enjoy.
PS: want more ? Ponder. Use your mind. If you are -
always- going somewhere, then (as a fact and function of all life) ... if you are always going somewhere that means, in
turn -- you are coming from somewhere. You come from somewhere. Going to somewhere, coming from somewhere.
Which in that scientific math equation - for you to have been born, then you ... had to come from ... somewhere.
Like night and day, up and down, left and right, in and out, north and south. Always a balance. Life is dimensional.
Peace and War. The world can do without hate. Some one should try promoting that idea. Do hope you enjoyed this.
Okay -- so the above was written somewhere else. Thought it made some good points. Could not argue the fact we
are "always going somewhere." Even if we are going to: sit down. Think about it. You are ... always going somewhere.
The word to note in that statement of fact is: "always." It might show in life there are some absolutes. And functions that
are undeniable. Even after the last breath. Opinions are not necessary here. This is set in stone. And when you pull
the sword from the stone, make sure no one is looking.
: )
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