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A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
"The Official Editorial Authority"
The Interaction. You have to love that look when someone takes a look from the corner of one's
eyes. The Guardian of the Gates - the Men In Black - oversee and interact in the smooth workings
of the most elite Press Corps in the World. The New York International Fashion Press Corps.
Totally Cool
The First Decade 1994 - 2004
The Magazine 2007
Into The Future
2007 Special
Diesel Power
Takes You There
The Museum Sleepover
People, Press, Friends
plus bunches more
Fashion Well
Into The Future
It is on rare occasion when anyone will see all of these Men in one group like this. Unless they are having a specific
meeting. Now we are going to see some of the fun when a certain someone does catch the group in action.
Notable Mentions
Swarovski Changes
This Is

This story is a Dedication. It is a dedication to people who make a difference in the lives of others. And in a sense
the story is about people - like you and me. No one has ever seen these images, with the exception of one of
them. The whole story will, as we go along, lead us into the Future. When it is said the story is a story of
expression it is in two ways. One - an expression of thanks. And two, literal - the expression of the faces on the
people we see here through the next three pages. These people are fondly known as "The Men In Black."
We will tell the story as we go forward with these pages. But note - the expression on each of these faces.
It is the story of human beings and what each of them
feel at some certain moment. We all, each and every
human being on this earth, can relate to that. Because
we all have feelings.
Even sometimes
"Mixed Feeling."
Now let's look at all
we see and travel
the journey
On this Earth there is a thing created by a woman named Eleanor Lambert. Eleanor passed away when she was
100 years old. What she created is a thing called "Fashion Week." She also created "The Best Dress List." Now in
these modern times "Fashion Week" is something that takes place -is celebrated- in countries all around the world.
In Memory.
Eleanor Lambert.
Eleanor is 99 years old here. Her expression is to think, to listen, to share, and to live. And she did
so much more than that.
We are not going to tell you the individual names of these Men In Black because we do not want anyeone to come up
to them and use their names as if they know them. With one exception. That is Ty holding papers in hand.
And we know, obiviously, someone is on the scene to see if a personal moment can be preserved for all of History.
Some of these men do not like to be caught on camera. Oh well. Toooooo bad : ) A moment made to order.
Let the smiles begin. We are at New York Fashion Week. At what is called "The Tent Complex in Bryant Park behind
the 42nd Street Library especially constructed for the Event. Ty has that look of "What do you want -------- ?" Well it is
his favorite statement when dealing with the person behind the camera. "We're having a meeting."
It is not easy to get rid of that Editor / Cameraman. Even if they wanted to. All in fun he is part of the woodwork, so to
speak. Family. But keep an eye on each of their expressions. A Creedmore moment. (That os a playful inside joke.)
Trying to ingore the Lensperson. Not really possible. He says when he comes into a World like this one he
always brings his friends with him. From Lifetime to Lifetime. There is a concept. Eyebrow raising.
And a smile. In all of this there is a smile. Even though this is for all intent and purposes: serious business.
Minds at Work. Concentrating. Let's go onward.
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