Editorial Music Credit:
Vanessa Mae
Virgin EMI Records
"I Feel Love"

They are laughing so hard the only thing only thing -left- to do is almost fall off the bench. Have you ever had
that happen. Where you are laughing so hard you almost fall over ? This is one one of those "just waiting to
happen" moments. Some things are never forgotten, the same goes for some people. You know, the
special people in your life. Those that make you feel good. Even if that is not what the moment is called for.
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Sometimes when there are things going on you do not know
someone is watching. Catching real human moments. The
magic of today's technology. Made to preserve the special
moments life has to offer. Moments in your life.
Back to the meeting. Here -The Men In Black- have realized now they are not, can not, get rid of the spy with the
camera. He is being playful. And they are laughing about that ... inside joke. Creedmore is an insane aylum.
Ty can not get the person with the camera to go away - no matter what, no way. Oh well ... BUSTED ... having a
good time. The greatest things in life that no one can really buy. Or put a price on. Call it: creating good memories
Okay time to continue with business. You know that thing called ... Funny business. More expressions.
"Nope I'm not leaving." This is all about ... the art of expression. Gotcha.
Interesting how Life itself does certain things. Almost like an arrow is pointing the way. And it really says:
take the picture. Because there is a reason for everything. Even this. Recognize the signs. The real power
of Life made it happen. In a special way - saying "thank you." It is good to have friends.
"Hey ... the phone is ringing. Take the call. Is it for me."
Okay - let's give these "Men In Black" names. Ty. Tom. And Michael.
Have you ever had one of those moments ? When you can't take the smile off your face even you want to !!!
A smile is a Terrible thing to waste. How do you feel
when you are smiling inside.
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