The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
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4th quarter
"A Magazine In TV Land."
Editorial Music Credit:
Lava Records

Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
A Magazine
On Every Page a Musical
Artist is featured.Chosen
from an editorial point of
view of Fine Talent. If you
like their tune you can
purchase their CDs
and songs online
and in Records
Stores around
the World.
1994 - 2004: The First Decade"
2006 ... going into The Future.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Richard Renda
"Totally Cool : The First Decade ... 1994 - 2004."
- 2006 The Magazine -
going into The Future.
4th quarter Cover
cover photo and break down by Richard Renda.
(Totally Cool & Ava by Marc Farb)
The Last
In New York City - Bryant Park

2006 has been a very busy year for us. We
produce a TV Show "Totally Cool broadcast
News" along with theme oriented show episodes
each week that has been aired on Manhattan
Time Warner Cable TV since back in the 1900's.
And there are other website in the works. Not to
mention a couple of MySpace profiles that all
take a bit of time. Normally we would have
many editorial stories up in the copy of the
online presentation of the Magazine. But
because of the time restraints we are featuring
the cover stories during the year 2006. Although
we are ... back on schedule. And for 2007 you
will see much more. Always go forward into the
future. You never know what you might find.

Sweet Betsey - The Autumn 2006 / Winter 2007 Collection
by Betsey Johnson. Photographs above and below by
Lia Chung.
The Olympus Fashion Week Photo Wall shown below has been
created every season (twice a year) since Olympus became the
New York Fashion Week lead Sponsor. The Wall is comprised of
contibutions from many great photographers. Shown below (and shot
by Richard Renda on the Olympus Stylus 810 point and shoot all
weather camera) is the last photo wall with Olympus as the New York
Fashion Title Sponsor - September 2006.

The End Of A Good Era

Have You Ever Been Touched ??? When you are there is one thing to do. Smile,
Because Life ... Loves You !!!
A Really Special
Thank You
From All Of Us
A Really Special
Thank You
From All Of Us
All rights reserved.
The Photo Wall
In the end. The Breakdown ... from Front to Back.
As a Tribute to the End of "Olympus Fashion Week" we wanted to do something Sweet. Betsey Johnson is
Sweet. Photographs by Lia Chang
We'll be back
to talk about
this. Check
out the 2007
Issue and go
The TC Mag Covers 2006
A note on the cover story here. Being a
Worldwide Global Event, New York Fashion
Week which is held in New York City in the
"City Within A City" Tent Complex behind the
42nd Street Library in Bryant Park has had the
pleasure of having Olympus Camaras as the
main Sponsor. During their tenure there they
treated people in a manner with great caring
and kindness. In September 2006 it was the
last season for them as their Sponorship was
complete. It was considered in a way "The Last
Harrah !" Also because the fashion industry
had to leave the Park and find another home.
But that is another story to be told in 2007.
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