Art Attack:
Master of Illusion
Concept of Dimension

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The Official Editorial Authority
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2006 ... going into The Future.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
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2nd quarter Cover
Front Cover Artist
Julian Beever
Concept of Dimension
Art Attack. A Master of Modern Art. A Master
of Illusion. A True Master of Visual Dimension.

After having had a number of friends tell us we
have to see this and numerous people send us
the works of this man for us to look at and
even more people saying "you must know
about him", then you know what ? We are
convinced you should all know about him too.
In A BIG Way. Because if anyone earns a right
to be recognized for their Art in these modern
times this man deserves that at the very least.
So spread the word !!!
To Say !
Friends ...

Politics and War
To Season

give this man The Golden Paint Brush Award.
And if you had any piece of this man's art
hanging on your wall or painted on your floor
you would be one thing for sure: Proud.
Because he is A Master. Look at the hole in
the walkway the people are walking around. It
is not real, it is art. But excuse me - see the
people walking around the block of brick ? To
them it is real. Sure looks real. Looks real to
us too. How about to you ? Oh sorry -- the
Artist, his name is JULIAN BEEVER. So cool.
Look him up on the internet. He is everywhere.
Based in the United Kingdom you could say
Julian Beever gets the picture. Because in the
end he get images that look like this.
To The TC Mag Covers 2006
Jullian Beever
Artist of Dimension
This is what it takes to make the Earth look 3-dimensional. It is all
about how you look at it. Bigger than it really is. The art work is
some 40 foot in length. But when you photograph the image it
shows itself as 3-dimensional. Talk about a real illusion --
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