The MagaZine
-- Nearby Ramadi hospital ... told media that ... forty-five people had been killed, including ten women and fifteen
children. Doctors said most of the children were between 2 and 5 years old. Independent media reporters were
able to obtain photocopies of the passports the Coalition claims they found in the rubble of the houses destroyed
in the attack. None of the descriptions or photos matched any of the dead or wounded. When confronted with this,
Senor admitted that there were no foreign fighters in the village. "There were no foreign fighters in the village,"
said Senor. "In fact, there are no foreign fighters in Iraq except for those fighting with the Coalition. Just like the
WMD, the whole foreign fighters helping out the insurgency thing is a lie." This admission was followed by a
quarter-hour of rapid fire questioning by the assembled media. Most of these questions centered on the
acknowledgement by Senor that the administration invaded Iraq knowing that Iraq possessed no WMD. Senor
fielded the questions, occasionally wiping away a tear. "You know," he said. "I was willing to go along with this
whole invasion and occupation ... I told my bosses that I would tell you guys in the media anything that they
wanted me to tell them. WMD, Al-Queda, anthrax, no prison abuse or only isolated prisoner abuse, whatever. But
when I saw those dead kids killed for no reason in their sleep I don't know, something just cracked inside of me. I
couldn't justify it. I mean, there's no way those kids were foreign fighters and, if they were, then we really shouldn't
be here if babies are picking up weapons to fight us."
2 unidentified security contractors dressed entirely in black jumpsuits similar to those worn by SWAT teams in the
U.S. grabbed Senor. He was led away at gunpoint. Chaos ensued among the press corps as they raced to file the
story. While attempting to send their reports via the internet, all connections were mysteriously shut down. This
reporter was able to relay his report via a separate wireless connection maintained by independent supporters.
Senor's current whereabouts are unknown, although unnamed sources at Abu Gharaib prison in Baghdad have
told the media that he is being held there and will be shipped to Camp X-Ray at Gauntanamo Bay soon. The
White House and Pentagon have denied Senor's statements in separate press releases. The White House went
further, suggesting that Senor had either lost his mind or forgotten who was signing his paychecks.

Mr. Dan Senor is Senior Advisor to Presidential Envoy L. Paul Bremer.

troop \'triip\ n [MF trope, troupe company, herd, of Gmc origin; akin to OE thorp, throp village more at
THORP] (1545)
1a: a group of soldiers
1b: a cavalry unit corresponding to an infantry company
2: a collection of people or things : COMPANY
3: a flock of mammals or birds
4: the basic organizational unit of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts under an adult leader
More: troop (1565) to move or gather in crowds; to consort in company, associate; to move in large
-- It doesn't solve anything but we do now see: a "troop" definitely means "more than one" in a group.
Back to where we started "2 troops injured." Say What ? It should read correctly "2 soldiers injured."
That's right they are human beings. Every time a soldier is killed or injured it should read "soldier" or
"soldiers", human beings. A troop is a crowd.
"War on Terrorism." Some people raised the issue that statement is what Shakespeare might consider a
redundancy - in language of course. Think about the words themselves. War - on - Terrorism. War itself
is Terror. Any War is a Terrror. In effect, it would be like saying "Terror on Terrorisim." A strange use of
words. A use that is used -designed- to cause fear amongst masses of people. Many times "undo fear."
There is a mentality in some power hungry people that if you make someone fear you can control them.
Then at that level of control the word "Freedom" would have to be questioned in: deeper meaning. When
someone says "War on Terror" it is like making those who use the word "war" in that statement the actual
terrrorists. That's weird. When it comes to ...What's to say, someone commented the correct statement
world be the "Campaign against Terror." Or a "Campaign against Terrorism." At that point ... you may be
just, and find justice. In 2004 true Justice became "irrelevant" also. The what some want others to believe.
As long as there is one honest (one good) heart on this Earth true Justice will never become "irrelevant." e.
copyright 2004
All rights reserved.
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A perfect example - The lie. April 6 2004 appearing on CNN - (in part.) A Spring morning.
Troop." "Troops." There was a news teletype that read, "2 U.S. Troops injured." This is where the
idiot factor comes in. Has our generation grown up to be idiots or to be satisfied to be treated as
idiots ? Someone keeps changing the meaning of the english language. What does that mean "2
Troops" ? Does it mean 20 soldiers, does it mean 40 soldiers ??? What it meant was 2 soldiers.
Wait, that's not right. A "Troop" use to mean: "a group" or "squadron" of soldiers. The word "Troop"
never means "singular"
! So we thought !!! Okay. Then we hear -- some 120,000 troops are in Iraq.
Is that 600,000 soldiers or 120,000 soldiers ? Or is there some plot to use the word "troop" when
addressing the public so that the word "soldier" is not used outright, and therefore taking the "human"
factor out. A word game that is designed to take you away from what is the worth, and simplest
value, of even just one human being (no less many humans). A way to manipulate you and keep you
from thinking another soldier - another human being has died again, lost their life ? It wasn't a soldier
or a human being that died ... it was a troop. Confused ? We are. Here is the background -- what
gets us so confused. As the TV generation watches sitcoms there is one that has a long history
called "F Troop". You may even be able to see it on the TVLand Channel. "F Troop." That is what it
was called, week after week, year after year. It was a Television comedy series about a "squadron"
group) of men set in a Military Fort during the time of the Old American West.
More History. Spring 2004 Sen. John McCain said: MOST Americans alive today were not even BORN
until after the Vietnam War had ended.
That is an important statement. It means Most people in the U.S. do not know what is happening to them.
Someone asked, "Then why is anyone even talking about the (so called) Vietnam ' War ' if most don't know what
happened there or what happened to the military veterans after they put their lives on the line during that time ?"
Could it be another ploy to control minds ? It is like those famous terms: "misinformation", "disinformation",
"plausible deniability" and where they came from. A political tactic used most heavily during 1980 - 1986. You
would have to have been born by the early 1970's to really know it. A 25 year old carrying a gun today not sure of
the why ... was only a baby back in 1980. And who were The Beatles ??? Many people do not know what is
happening to them. Only because they do not want to remember. And yet there is so much more to say.
What's To Say ???
But after all this the one who really takes the cake is the
widely loved Dr. Phil. During an appearance on the
infamous Larry King television talk show Dr. Phil had
this to say.
... from Friends
What's To Say ???
Political issues are not really what we do. Unless it is in fun. We care more about life. The good things
in it. However, when political issues cross the line of threatening the order of life itself and the intermixing
issues become something on the minds of many people throughout the world then we wonder about what
we see and question it. Somewhere there is truth to be found. Truth is a funny thing. It is not like a
lie. The thing about Truth is it will never end, it will never die. It will always be what it is. Unlike the lie.
The lie has a limited lifespan. Somewhere it always comes to an end. Because -- the life of a lie is ...
that it reaches an end. That is all a lie can do, aside from damage along the way. The simple but crude
destiny of a lie -- it comes to an end. Now on the other hand, the truth ... that is something different.
That never ends. It remains. And it never dies. Think about it: the truth never comes to an end, it
remains always. Such are some of the important things to know in life. As it may very well be that one
day: these things will be important to you. Even the so called "elders" travel a long road before they
realize these absolutes. At one time or another everyone realizes. There was a statement written that
comes to mind. It went something like ... "You may ask yourself if you want your life to be the reflection
of a total lie or based on mountains of lies. A place where there is no truth while and when you are in a
Universe that operates on pure truths." Interesting. The Universe. A concept that has to be considered.
Moreso since that is where you come from. All existences operate on some sort of precision. The rocking
chair. The CD player. The planets in the sky. The pistons moving inside the motor of a car. Every single
thing that already happened yesterday (in the literal sense). Precision. And then it is noted ... in History.
Timing is a catalyst for great truths. It also allows us take more liberty, to have more flexibility.
This section could be called: Are
we idiots ? Have we as a human
civilization become total idiots ???
We remember what has happened
through the decades. And we say
"no" is the answer to the question.
What's To Say -- is a section that has always had something to
do with words, the word. Words and pictures. Words in fun,
heartfelt, or unusual stories. Jokes that are written in words. And
it always is about "the observation" of words The common ground
we share with everyone. We observe. And some comment.
Dr. Phil -- What did we hear
you say ?
What's to Say ???
MIKE MALLOY, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: As a matter of fact, one of the reasons our soldiers are dying in Iraq is
because of the misrepresentations and the falsehoods and the lies told by the Bush administration to get us into
that conflict. -- What has happened with George W. Bush is that the advisors around Bush have lied to him, while
the military have tried to make it clear to the Bush administration they didn't want any part of this war.
COSTELLO: That's an interesting twist. Neal, do you agree ?
NEAL BOORTZ, syndicated RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, we've been hearing this Bush lied, his aides lied, his
administration lied, we've been hearing this for, what ? Eight months ? Nine months now ? A lie is only -- it is only
a lie if you know it to be untrue
at the time that you made the statement. If I say it's going to rain tomorrow and it
turns out to be sunny, I didn't lie. I just wasn't as good as Chad at forecasting the weather.
(TC Footnote: Some people obviously do not know the definition of a "lie.") ****
What's To Say ??? continues.
**** As ... NEAL BOORTZ, syndicated RADIO TALK SHOW HOST makes the statement above, and we
quote: A lie is -- "only a lie if you know it to be untrue at the time that you made the statement.
If I say it's going to rain tomorrow and it turns out to be sunny, I didn't lie. I just wasn't as good as Chad
at forecasting the weather."
IN FACT: If Neal Boortz said it was going to rain and it turns out to be sunny -- He DID Lie. On top of
it, Neal Boortz would have lied twice. He also lied when he said, "I didn't lie." A second lie to cover-up
the first lie. Even if Mr. Boortz called it a mere case of misinformation, disinformation, or plausible
deniability it is all just more fancy words that are as a fact ... a lie.
"Lie - 1 b: an untrue or inaccurate
statement that may or may not be believed true by the speaker."

Definition of what a "Lie." According to Webster's Dictionary
lie n [ME lige. lie. fr. OE lyge; akin to OHG lugi. OE leogan to lie] (bef.12c)
1 a : an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive
1 b : an untrue or inaccurate statement that may or may not be believed true by the speaker
2 : something that misleads or deceives
LIE, PREVARICATE, EQUIVOCATE, PALTER, FIB mean to tell an untruth. LIE is the blunt term, imputing
dishonesty; PREVARICATE softens the bluntness of LIE by implying quibbling or confusing the issue;
EQUIVOCATE implies using words having more than one sense so as to seem to say one thing but intend
another; PALTER implies making unreliable statements of fact or intention or insincere promises.
The group of men were the "F Troop". It was not one of the men that was a troop, or the F Troop. It
took a group of men to be a "troop." To prove the point further, the show wasn't called "F Troops"
with an "s". Not good enough for us. Like a boy scouts or girl scouts "troop". That is a group of.
Not a single boy or girl. More confused ? Hey ! What's to say ? Did we, do we -- know -- what we
are talking about ??? What is the definition of "Troop" ?
Webster's Dictionary
As we observed the World -- in the Spring of 2004 people had to endure the Iraqi prisoner abuse, its
cover-up deceptions, an American citizen being beheaded in front of a Global audience, and then
someone sent this.
May 2004 from
Senor Shows Human Side, Is Whisked Away by Security Contractors ... reported by Ron Jacobs.
(Baghdad Green Zone) Coalition spokesman Dan Senor admitted to media gathered inside the Green Zone
Thursday that American helicopters had knowingly attacked a wedding party 15 miles from the Syrian border and
southwest of the town of Qusaiba. Earlier, the Coalition had denied the charges, claiming that the attack was
against "enemy fighters." "There were no enemy fighters in the area," said Senor. "Our soldiers knew that the only
people in the village were Iraqi civilians. They went ahead and attacked anyhow. It's a form of terror we use often."
This acknowledgement by Senor confirmed what local Iraqis had been telling Arab and European media since
they were notified of the attack. Television outlets broadcast film taken at the scene, showing a truck heaped with
bloody bodies, many of them wrapped in blankets. Several of the bodies shown were those of children. Until
Senor's statement, US officials were insisting that the dead were all "foreign fighters."
Of course you have to ask yourself who should you believe. Then again what does your belief have to do
with what really happens ? The truth cares not what you believe. Truth does not need you to believe one
way or another. It is. But to see all of what is happening in a World that is no longer considered "flat" and
to see the truth other people do not want you to see or know, if you want to make up your own mind as to
what is happening -- you can go yourself outside the borders of your own community. The Earth is a vast
place. You are part of all that. Here is an internet address that will get you, your friends, and your family to
many newspapers and resources. It you really want to know the truth.
Here is an interesting story. A man told us of a day when
he was reading a story in The Egypt Daily News about the
"Insurgents", enemies in Iraq, ( and he
finally understood who and what peoples were included when
someone like the U.S. Coalition spoke about "insurgents".
The story had a picture of one of these extremely dangerous
alleged ... "insurgents" This (at right) is the picture of the

"The Rummy Returns." Or as we have heard some people
call this man: "The Doctor of Double Talk." This will
undoubtedly go down in History as a moment in Language
Arts. The speaker is Donald Rumsfeld. What's to say ?
Other notable quotes of late. "Gay marriage
is something that should be between a man
and a woman." "Having committed political
suicide, the Conservative party is now living
to regret it."
"Reports that say that something hasn't happened are
always interesting to me, because as we know, there
are known knowns; there are things we know we
know. We also know there are known unknowns; that
is to say we know there are some things we do not
know. But there are also unknown unknowns - the
ones we don't know we don't know".
Speaking about the Nick Berg beheading.
LARRY KING: You're a psychologist, but you're also a human
being. So what did watching it do to you ? You said rage, but
what do you do with the -- what did it do to your stomach ?
DR. PHIL MCGRAW: My immediate reaction was -- I would
give "my front seat in hell" ... to have been able to kick that
door down.

Wait. My ears fell off the sides of my head. What did
we just hear the revered Dr. Phil just say ??? His front
seat in Hell ? Hello. A portion of the World views America
as "The Great Satan." And the good Doctor volunteers the
information or even suggests to the World that he a noted
American celebrity Psycologist keeps or even has ... a "front
seat in Hell" ? In Hell ??? Now imagine that. What's to say ?
Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming.

Sorry Doctor Phil. How could you ? We're still in shock. Our
friends and I have something to say. It is simply this. We do
not have a "front seat in Hell." And never will. Maybe a front
seat in heaven or the core or creation. Americans we don't
come from Hell. No way, no how. If that's where you are
coming from and that's what you had to say -- the best of
intelligent thinking you had to offer, it is no wonder America
has problems or needs Prozac. Great ! Talk about giving the
World a wrong impression. An American with a front seat in
Hell. That really says a lot.

Every day we try to be a better more perfected person than
what we were the day before. As anyone from the many
Worlds of Cool: we would not be caught dead "in Hell", in a
"front seat in Hell" or with any associates of Hell. What would
Freud say. It spoke mountains. A statement which surely ...
has reached the heavens. What's to say ??? Just one thing.
Oh my God ! We have have all learned something.
Senior Adviser Dan Senor (right) with
Presidential Envoy and military
spokesman Paul Bremer.

There is one more subject from Friends that should get a mention. It is called "outsourcing." Outsourcing
of American jobs to other countries. This concern really struck home with a WAKE UP CALL when a TV
News report revealed that if an American citizen needs to get information about their unemployment check
or unemployment benefits, when that person phones their government unemployment office in their own
local community the phone call will be "answered by someone in India" -- halfway around the world. Some
small child's mommy or daddy can not find a meaningful or gainful job along with millions of other American
citizens -but- your very own government is giving your jobs away to someone in India. If you had a problem
understanding the "outsourcing" of jobs before, you understand it now. Absurd !!! When a free enterprise
business, company, or industry sells out the people in need within its own community ... that's one thing.
But when your own government does it to you that is another story. As we said, from the world of the
Absurd ! Every politician who supports "the outsourcing of American jobs" and gives those jobs to other
people in other countries -- each of those politicians should have the experience of hearing these words.
You're fired !

Do you know how much a gallon of gas costs in Iraq ??? A gallon of gas costs 5 cents. Interesting. Did you know Americans
killed more than 10,000 innocent people in Iraq in one year's time (03/04). One elder - a neighbor asked: "Isn't that
a little weird ?" What's to say. (That does not include the "insurgents.") Another person asked this question ...
Is there a difference between ... "The People" ... and ... "The Peoples" ... ?
The answer is Yes.
(It is good to get an education. With more knowledge -you have the power - to maybe one day help save a life.)
Know what is happening around you, what is really happening around you.
Your "front row seat in hell ..."
Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
SAY WHAT ? ! !
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