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Sun, Fun, and Flowers. The World of Pansies. What a big Pansy ! Sometimes when you are
walking along you see a flower and that picture is clearly preserved in your mind -- then you ask:
what kind of flower is that ? What kind of flower is THAT ??? And what kind of flower is that ?!!
They look the same but they look a little different. Nor the same, nor different. If they look like this
... They are Pansies.
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Section 1:
The MagaZine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
Loves me.
Loves me
not. Loves
me. Loves
me not.
me ...
Get close to Nature. Here is a good example of a wild spash of color that makes the Pansy unique.
Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
Sun, Fun,
Flowers take on many meanings. They
represent a wide range of emotion. The
Rose given for Valentine's Day. The
Daisy to decide if someone loves you.
The Orchid to celebrate a Graduation
Prom. A collective arrangement at a
funeral to say good bye to a friend,
loved one, or relative. Some flowers
based on their strange shape may
even be considered Erotic.

How does it translate in language ?
What a Pansy --
flowers by Richard Renda
How the flower
develops in
a close-up

The Distant shot.
The flower cluster somewhat closer.
Now look close at one flower in the flower cluster. What do
you think ??? Flowers on the streets of New York City.
Images by Richard Renda.
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