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Richard Renda
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Hold On
Black Box
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Avalon Showing its true colors supporting the Arts. This is some of the Nathaniel James
Fashion Collection shown on the Raised Runway at Avalon. Avalon has also been host to
a number of TV Shows including Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and Totally Coo
l .
Captured moments by David Weissner.
Party Time ! The Music is rockin' -- the place is hoppin' ... It must be Avalon. Fun, Fun,
Fun ! If you think you can get bored Avalon will show you otherwise. Hot ! As you can see
Avalon even provides it's own eye candy. Dancers on stage. Shakin' it !!!

The MagaZine
Party Time ! ! !
For A Side Bar:
so warm ...
Oh, the
so sexy.
Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
One of the hots spots making the scene in the Big Gotham,
New York City, is the club Avalon on 20th Street & 6th Avenue.
A new arrival
Amelia Lillian Block
Congratulations to Mom and Dad !!!
6 lbs. 20 oz. 20 inches long. Slate blue eyes.
Mr. & Mrs. Block (Jason and Roxy)
holding the baby Amelia.
newborn photos by photographer Jason Block
Avalon has earned the fine reputation of being a front runner
in the supporting of new and emerging talent. The space gets
high marks in the cool department. Formerly a Church and
a/k/a The Limelight. Avalon also is one of the few places in
Manhattan where people who smoke are still accommodated.
I'm just a model.
Don't tell anyone --
I'm just a model too.
(At least I think I could
be.) But hey -- don't
tell anyone.
photos by
D. Weissner
There is a Courtyard
where patrons can go
outside and then come
back in to Party. Some
of the hot producers
at Avalon are Forrest
Mallard and Michael
Oh by the way --
it is legal to
Dance there.
For the private parties Avalon also has the Spider Room
(upstair). Ooooo ...
Well well well ... what a friendly face to see. What
a pleasant surprise ! This is a sweetheart that
can Model for me anytime, on or off the runway.
A good woman. Big Hugs. Richard
Shush ... we're sneaking out
and headed off to the next
event. Onward --
Avalon - 20th Street and
Avenue of the Americas
(6th ave) in Manhattan,
New York City.
Nathaniel James
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