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Who would have thought that an Orchid looks like this ? No it is not a Carnation, it is an Orchid. Seeing the
Orchid below and the grand difference between that and the one immediately above -- we now get a sense of
the wide range in the species form. S-o-o-o-o ... cool looking.
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"Orchidfeller" is what we are fondly calling this part
of the story.
Once a year New York City is graced
with a coming together of The International Ochid
Show. It is an event that was formerly held at the
World Trade Center. In the year of 2004 it became a
first. The International Ochid Show displayed its
specimens on the ground that is
the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink.
photographer: David Weissner
This is the first time "ever" that a Tent was placed over the famous skating rink. The show has over 50,000
Orchids on display for hundreds of thousands of visitors to see. It highlights the Endangered species to raise
awareness in the need of preservation and conservation. Over 60 international exhibitors from around the
world participate. The New York International Orchid Show is the largest show of its kind in North America.
The New York International Orchid Show hosted by Tishman Speyer Properties and
The Greater New York Orchid Society -- photographs by David Weissner.
The World of Orchids -- a fascinating complex design of extraordinary intricacies

When you look at these creations of Nature, what do you see -- What does it make you
think about ... ?
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