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WOW Design Rocking Chair "Baba" - wool fabric, wood frame, steel legs -
Chris and Paul Massie, Massie Office. Tree slices, Felissimo Design House.
Images by Richard Renda
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Totally Cool
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Sebastien Tellier
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A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
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Going Places
Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
In the modern world of WOW Design what you find is cutting edge creations.
Some with a Sense of Humor. The say an Apple a Day will keep the Doctor away. We just
love when you get a hand to help with your hangups. The Hand helpers (shown upper left)
are from the collection called "Reality" by Designer Harry Allen. When you can have a place to
throw a cushion and still feel like you are part of the outdoors then you are on to a good thing.

images by Richard Renda
Wood Scroll Mats - "Dek" - Jin Design
Lacrosse Bench - Chet Domanski. Cabin collection
"braided rug" - Michael Erdmann, Spacecadet Design
From Designer Elizabeth Paige Smith "Wingdream" wing shaped cushions that bridge
art culture with functional design. The 4 point cushion star bed is made of layer upon
layer of plastic material that is somewhat like bubble wrap.

mini vases for a big Flower
If you are going to think about Interiors -- pets
are included.
"Local Souvenir" airport street tape by Stella Design
If you need help finding these designers or getting merchandise The Felissimo Design House in
New York City will be happy to assist you in any way possible. (
Many Thanks to THINK PR. That is Claudine in the Pink.
The Rose made from Bulletproof
A Tobias Wong creation.

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