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Section 1:
Sun, Fun, and Flowers. What is most interesting about flowers is many times you
look at a flower from a short distance away and see a beautiful creation, a work of
Art. But when you get close to a blossom what is fasinating is many times you find
that for the flower to exist, to be what it is, it is not "one" bud that makes the flower.
Actually it is many little buds in a cluster that create the complete look and shape.

Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
During the warm weather months Nature blossoms with color. Flowers push up from the ground. Buds begin to
Spring on trees and bushes. In the big cities people move at a pace that is so fast many individuals do not take
notice of these wonders even though they are around almost every corner. Whether you are in the city or in the
heartlands Flowers happen. And all of a sudden they are gone. Like tulips. Did you ever watch the cycle of tulips
blossoming ? Once they reach maturity and their flower is fully formed it is totally gone a week later, sometimes a
few days later. Here we are going to preserve the event of Sun, Fun, and Flowers allowing us to remember what is.
Sun, Fun,
The images on this page are a good example of the how Nature takes many little flowers to create what
appears to be one single flower. Like the ones at the very top of this page. We see the flower on a big
bush and there are clusters of flowers on the bush and then there are clusters within the clusters.
What we are seeing is a demonstration right before our eyes that shows how complicated Life is. All that
evolves into a bigger realization. The realization of how much work Life has gone through to get you here
into this world. Complicated. And the outcome is ... not to be forgotten.
Images by Richard Renda.
Images by Richard Renda
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