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This Blue Holiday
The Greater New York Orchid Society was founded in 1952. Members of the Society volunteer their own time
to create this world renowned event. Their passion for Orchids has inspired one of the most popular and
beautiful exhibitions on this earth. Their web presentation can be found at
For more knowledge in that so so mystical world of Orchids go to
Very special thanks to everyone at Rubenstein Communications, Public Relations.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
We do hope you enjoyed this amazing visual journey through the World of Orchids.
Singer Paulina Rubio
aka Tony Soprano
The International Orchid Show at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Showing its Colors.
photographs by
David Weissner
The mystery of the Orchid may be that they remind us of people: each one so different but
part of the same family.
Now that we have looked at all these
exotic Orchid types, here we also pay
tribute to the Traditional Orchid used
in those Special Celebration Corsages
to be placed on a young lady's wrist,
pinned on a jacket or a dress, or to
accent the hair.
Orchid photographs
by Lensman
David Weissner
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