Sorry we don't have time to talk either. We're late. Have to get to a Photo Shoot and
we have to catch a Wave. We can talk about all this later once we're set up and going.
ON The Waterfront ... shot on location ... photographer: Enrique Badulescu.
Special thanks to Tony and everyone at H & M (Hennes & Mauritz).

Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the Future ...
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A Magazine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
Lights, Cameras, Ocean !
On The Waterfront
- the Swim thing -
Sorry, do not have
the time to Talk. We
have a Photo Shoot
to go to. Oh, did I
mention it is on the
water's edge ? In
Rio de Janeiro and
on Ipanema Beach
The Photographer
Enrique Badulescu.

On Location
Fashion Stylist:
Sabrina Schreder
Rick Haylor
Paco Biancas

H & M Swimwear
Spring Summer

H & M
It looks like we are just laying around. But
really a Photo Shoot entails a lot of work
(on everybody's parts).

There is much more ... Onward !
Fashion is set to raise our temperatures for the Spring Summer seasons. Clothing in bright fruity
colors, soft pastels, and classic black and white. Capri pants with a fitted polo top. Skirt lengths
and styles are varied from mini to knee-length. Jackets work both as separates and within suits.
Often a jumper or little cardigan are a great substitute. The silhouette is narrow but not clingy.
Capri trousers range from sporty to feminine chic. Other trousers are narrow and ankle length.

Hottest for her during the warm spring summer months are string and push-up tops worn with
hipster hotpants or tiny tanga bottoms with side ties. The halter neck top is ideal for beach
sports and swimming and worn with higher cut tanga or hotpants. For him, beachwear
includes jersey knit trunks as well as surf shorts and tank tops.
Rainbow spaghetti string halter top and white drawstring "hot pants" available at H & M retail department stores.
The swimwear
collection from H&M
has been created with
holidays and long days
on the beach in mind.
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