A Swim Thing. Solid and Stripe Bikinis from H & M Fashion Department Stores.
For more information and store locations go to: www.HM.com
Photographs by Enrique Badulescu.

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H & M
A Swim Thing. Shot on location
in Rio de Janeiro. Photographs
by the Lensman Enrique

The H & M Swimwear collection focuses on three themes. There's Sporty inspired by the
Olympic Games and classic nautical looks in bright block colours, Hawaii which has a retro
feel of floral prints in rich 50's colours, and Pop with 60's inspired graphic prints for the most
fashion conscious of beach enthusiasts.

We said we were off to catch a Wave.
This is the Wave.
Many people, especially in America, are
under the impression H & M Fashion
Department Stores are a new thing. In
fact, H & M have been selling clothes
to the retail market as far back as the
1940's. The photo at left is a shot of
the inside sales floor of the first H & M
store in 1947. Featured at right is an
H & M advertisement from 1954.
(A SWIM THING ... H & M Photo Shoot. Fashion Styling: Sabrina Schreder.
Hair: Rick Haylor. Make-up: Paco Blancas. Models: Fernanda Tavares,
Isabeli Fontana, Daniella Sarahyba, Ana Beatriz Barros, Thais Oliveira,
Andre Resende, Edgar Graca Mello, Carlos Bokelman, Andersson
Dornelles, and Daniel Bueno.)
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