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Did you expect you were going to have a party
without turning the volume UP ?!! Hey, I'm
wearing an H & M Bikini too.
-- photo by David Weinsser --
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Shaggy / Rayvon
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Section 2:
Richard Renda
H & M
PARTY TIME. Well, with every great photo shoot -- there has to be a "Wrap Party".
Like we said, Party Time !!! H & M got together some of the elite New York City
Press Corps and some of the team from the Rio de Janeiro photo shoot and
decided to kick off the warm weather season with a small celebration. With this
crew -- there is no such thing as a small celebration ... call this BIG FUN !
Hey hey hey, who
said you could be
whispering sweet
nothings in her
ear ?!!
Mr. Cool and Fernanda
Tavares caught on the
scene by photographer
David Weissner
All the models came
wearing -- what else
... of course, H & M
Swimwear and
Spring Summer
captured moment
by Richard Renda
Talk about a Party ?
Does it look like they are having Fun ???
H & M Fashions are extremely popular around the World.
There are two reasons for this. One -- because it is affordable clothing. They will
never break the budget. And the other reason: because they look good too.
Full size wall poster ... photograph by Enrique Badulescu.
photo: David Weissner
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