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Totally Cool
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outtakes and misc.
AMX Swimwear also has a nice line of sexy but conservative swimsuits for the
Lady who does not want something too racey. Shown here are the black 2
piece "halter" top style with higher cut bottoms and the "Cotton Candy" bikini
with center bow tie top. Very Special thanks to all the models in this story !
"The Official Editorial Authority"
H & M has the
Pan Dulce Swimsuits shown
here left and right and also
Leslie shown immediately
below. What makes Ritchie
unique is their
fabrics. You are guaranteed
to find this word, which we
haven't mentioned: Texture.
Swimwear Mentions
Norma Kamali Swimwear (in the upper end department) also has a wide range of swimwear for every
body. Floral, Jersey, Stripes, and the Metallic Foil collections. If Norma's website is under renovation call
the New York City store and someone will help you get what
you want:
AMX Cut Away 1 piece swimsuit in black
AMX Cut Away 1 piece swimsuit
in white and the double spagetti
strap 1 piece in pink. AMX
SWIMWEAR is available at
As that old saying goes: Keep
lookin' good, keep lookin' ...
Totally Cool !
The "Posh" collection is a basket
weave crochet in pink or blue.
"Leslie" is a layered look in cream
or khaki. And the "Elle" is an
island print in blue or black with
faux leather belts. And there is
-- as we say -- "always more."
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