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Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the next journey.
Section 2:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
She's A Beauty
The Tubes
Capitol Records
A Magazine Alive
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All rights reserved.
Richard Renda
"The Official Editorial Authority"
When there is so much war and hate in the world you have to
remember the good things that make it worth living. What was that
that we heard Richard say ??? He said it loud in one word. "Smile."
We'll see ya soon.
The MagaZine
Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see us. Actually, that is a gun near his pocket (oh
never mind). Funny though. We want to do one more thing before we close this section. We say
THANK YOU so much to OLYMPUS for being there and for being our sponsors at the New York City
International Fashion Runway Shows held on the steps of Bryant Park. We needed you. Thanks.
A little Star Burst in the Universe. From the land of Mt. Olympus. Ahhhh ... they shot me. Point and
Shoot. Olympus Cameras.
M.A.C. Artists ...
photo by Ken Rumments
shot on The Olympus E-1
Digital Camera
THIS Story IS RATED PG / MA Mature Audiences
H & M
M.A.C. Cosmetics shows
fashion Art at its best.
And we figured we should
give the men in blue a
memory they can not
forget. Do you think you
could forget this ??? Let
the Pictures speak for
themselves. Memories.
Special Thanks goes out
to everyone at M.A.C.
Cosmetics and everyone
on the M.A.C. Art team.

Got a special event to go to ...
how is this for a Tuxedo look ?
Full length.
Corrine and the Hercules Team shot
- with the Olympus E-1 Digital SLR Camera -

To be continued ...
Corrine and The Hercules Team shot by photographer Ken Rumments
The Model is Corrine.
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