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H & M
A Swim Thing with H & M. H & M Fashion Department
Stores sent their team of Models, Hair & make-up, and
On The Waterfront in Rio de Janeiro.
This is what happened -- a lot of Fun !
-- On Location --
the photographer is Enrique Badulescu.
The Lady is Isabeli Fontana. (Uh umm aka a Victoria's Secret
Runway Model. Don't tell anybody.) This is a girl with great
On The Waterfront. The Photographer is Enrique Badulescu. Fashion
Stylist: Sabrina Schreder. Hair: Rick Haylor. Make-up: Paco Biancas.
Wardrobe: H & M Swimwear and Spring Summer Beachwear.

Okay ...pose. Hold that shot !
Fernanda Tavares has a word for your Summer season. Her advice is simple but oh so important.
"Always wear sun cream for swimming, playing sports, or walking in the sun, but rest, socialize and
eat all your meals under the shade of a parasol, so that both your skin and head are protected."

Daniel Bueno adds "Drink plenty of water because the sun dehydrates you. Drink carrot juice to achieve
a nice tan or coconut juice which tastes great and is rich in vitamins, and eat fruit for extra energy."

According to Isabeli Fontana, one who knows about keeping trim, "Fruit, fish and shellfish are the best
things to eat for lunch and dinner on the beach. You feel full but they're light."

"Music is important for a perfect day on the beach. Listening to Bossa Nova guarantees a good start to
the day, but Reggae and Blues are also great during the day and when the sun sets" is the advice
Andersson Dornelles had direct from the Fun Department, at the water's edge.

All fashions shown available at H & M
retail stores around the World ...
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