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Section 2:
Ujena's "In The Mood" 1 piece Swimsuit
photo by Bob Anderson
Talk about sexy. And for a Mention. Featured here are the Ujena pink Slide-Tie Bikini
and the black Soda Pop Bikini. Love both of these. Ujena has a huge selection of
affordable swimwear ranging from $50 to $100. Also features swimwear
suits, sarongs, dresses, and accessories on sale for that extra little savings.
The MagaZine
H & M
one piece
Metallic Swimsuit
Double Dip

photo by
Kevin Crawford
Ujena Sheer When Wet . 1 piece
swimsuits in white and yellow.
Keep it dry for
a conservative
afternoon. At
night go for a
dip, get it wet,
and it becomes
sheer beauty.
Ujena "Coral Reef" side tie Bikini
photo by Edward Alexander
Ujena 2 piece Sneak Peek bathing suit. Covered Front, open back. Add a skirt to this one and you are
ready for an evening on the town !
When you want to run in
a hurry, maybe to stop
at the mall or go to a
store, you can throw a
"Sarong" on just about
any swimsuit and be
decent for the journey
out into the public world.
Few will complain when
they see a cool sexy
look walk on by. This
sarong: also from Ujena.
Now if you want a massive selection
of swimwear to choose from this is
the who to see ""
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