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The MagaZine
This is Lloyd Klein (left) and a Lloyd Klein Skirt Suit creation for
Spring Summer (or whatever warm weather season you are in).
Oh right, did it again ... forgot to mention ... Lloyd Klein also does
Swimwear, as you can see. When swimwear is presented by Lloyd Klein
it is presented in the manner as if it is: "Fit For A Queen". Blue Cape, that
too is a Lloyd Klein Design. The Photographer is Mr. David Jacquot.

Blue & White Bikini --Lloyd Klein Swimwear .. Fit for a Queen.
H & M
Spring Summer
Now this is really special !
The Fashion Designer whose
collection we are looking at is
Lloyd Klein. Lloyd Klein does
everything from beautiful women's
creations to men's suits for the
crisp and cool. We love Lloyd
Klein's designs and try to get
them in whatever magazines
we may be Fashion Styling for.
And this much we can say ...
whenever we needed Lloyd Klein
-- they have always been there
for us. Even if they had to send
something in from California for
us, they made it happen. If you
try on anything from Lloyd Klein
you may learn something aside
from the fact that everything
Lloyd Klein and his team does is
beautiful. What you will learn is
that they are always there for all
of you too. Lloyd Klein and his
team were wacked by a car
accident in Paris in Febuary 04
while trying to get his collection
to the Fashion Runway in New
York City. We are happy to
report they all survived and -- we
are happy to have them with us.
Oh ... by the way, not only did
they survive but they did get the
collection on the runway for L.A.
fashion week. Now that's cool !
photo by David Jacquot
The Sheer High Collar Dress by Lloyd Klein. Also "Fit for a Queen"
or ... an Angel. Sheer Beauty !
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