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Now what is interesting is while we were working on this story we went on the worldwide global web - the
internet - to see if we could find anything on this happening. Much to our surprise, even though thousands of
members from the International Press Corps were on the scene: we could not find one picture of the painted
bodies or the event. Well, trust us -- you are going to get more then one picture from us. Obviously. This is
real Fashion History. And from our point of view: it must be preserved. Plus it should be seen by anyone
who wants to see it. The work was amazing. Each of the Models, both the Ladies and the Gents, along with
the Artists did not do all this work just to have it whisper away into the wind. Simply put -- "I talk to the wind."
And it said: show these works. So ... let it be written. So, let it be done. Now remember, this is only "Part 1."
There is much more on its way. To be continued (next issue).
Each day during fashion week M.A.C. Cosmetics painted models in a different
Fashion Designer's design. As you can see here: it is not about the clothes, it is
about the designs. If you want to get the info on the M.A.C. Cosmetic A.I.D.S.
Awareness campaign just go to
The model featured here on page is Sachi. Shot by Lensman Richard Renda.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
The year is
M.A.C. ART ...
In Couture
Captured Moments
by Richard Renda
Going through the
final touches
H & M
This is a big story. So what we
are going to do is do it in 2 parts.
This is "Part 1". Part 2 will come
up over the summer season.
There are other photos and
models that are part of this story.
But right now, we are going to
stay focused. The Story and this
Painted People event is a M.A.C.
Cosmetics campaign that
happened during Olympus
Fashion Week in New York City
to help raise funds for A.I.D.S.
Awareness and help those in
If you look at the illustration up top you can see this is about as close as you get to the dress without:
wearing it.
Details, details, oh the details.
Sachi -- just want to say "Thank You" personally.
"A woman so Professional and so sweet."
Until we meet again.
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