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Spring Summer Fashions by H & M available at H & M
Department Stores worldwide. For a tid bit of
information, "H & M" stands for: "Hennes & Mauritz."
Just in case you did not know
H & M
Hey Fernanda -- what mischief are you up
to now ? You know, I know exactly what
you did. No one else caught it. Maybe
someone will figure it out along the way.
Wait, we have one more thing we want to talk about ...
the swimsuit featured here -- left and right. It is
something called the "WaterAid Bikini." Available
at H & M department stores. (www.HM.com)
Each WaterAid bikini sold
by H & M department
stores does help change
lives. The water themed
bikini is on sale at H & M
stores in 19 countries and
a percentage of the retail
price will go directly to the
WaterAid Charity to help
fund projects in Africa and
Asia. You all have a nice
Spring Summer season.
Totally !
Fernanda Tavares by
Richard david Renda
Hey, that's me in that poster.
Very Special thanks to EVERYONE who helped make
this story come together. Okay, what happened to
my Sea Breeze ???
A little more of a mention about the WaterAid Bikini ... In 2003 the WaterAid bikini raised over $70,000. Enough
money to provide safe clean water and sanitation to 2,400 people. WaterAid hopes for 2004 the bikini will bring
in even more funds and help thousands more people take the first steps out of poverty. For around the same
price as the bikini, WaterAid can provide a person in the developing world with a lifetime's supply of clean water.
This makes the world of difference. Lives are transformed as women have time to earn money and children have
time to go to school and get an education. H&M have also designed co-ordinating flip flops, a toiletries bag, a
hairbrush and a mirror for a complete kit.

Buying a WaterAid bikini will help transform the lives of women and their families in the world's poorest
countries, by raising vital funds to provide them with clean water and sanitation. The percentage donated from
the retail price will go directly to WaterAid to help fund projects in Africa and Asia. "Clean water and sanitation
are vital to reducing poverty in the developing world", says Emily Boyd-Carpenter of The WaterAid Charity.
"Without these basic human rights, people will never get out of the poverty trap - women and children have to
spend their time walking miles every day to collect dirty water so children miss out on school and women don't
have time to do any other work. The water they collect is normally full of disease - a child dies every 15 seconds
from water-related illness, the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing every day."

"When WaterAid contacted us with the idea that we should design a bikini and donate a percentage of the
sales to their water project in Bangladesh we liked the idea since we value these questions highly and since we
have production in the country", says Ingrid Schullström at H & M. "It feels good for us to be able to give
something in return to a country where we make a part of our fashion."
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