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Section 2:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
Jazz Melody
Tracy Mothershed
Private Stock Records

We're not just talking "Sexy" here. We're talking Clothes.
Clothes made for an Angel in your life.
This is a Totally Cool woman. Ask her
and she will tell you, we are right ! Also
Heaven sent. Fernada Tavares.
And who said Angels from Heaven could not be Sexy ?
Maybe they just didn't recognize something that is heaven sent.
The Sexiest Night on TV. Presented by Victoria's Secret.
The Story of Myths and Legends. Recorded Live.
In the City of The World ... New York City.
The MagaZine
Television's most
Sexiest Night.
The Legend of Angels.
Victoria's Secret.
An angel flies in, swoops
down, flies up again, spins
backwards, comes down,
makes a landing and the
night explodes with energy.
If you think that was a
story you were just told, it
wasn't. It was reality.
Going back and looking at the productions
of past Victoria's Secret presentations you
will note the rapid progression in a few
short years. Everything has become more
complex then ever before. The Lighting,
the runway, the depth: all expanded. In
this Age of Electricity ... Life had all these
people come alive together in time to
make this grand Event a living example
of the power contained in the Universe.
Then Life had at that same time all the
elements in place to allow myriads of
people from around the whole Earth see
this moment happen. Maybe Life is trying
to tell you a deeper bigger story than what
appears on the surface.
It is never too late.
To believe in Angels.
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