Dreaming of a nice wardrobe ? Ecko Men by Marc Ecko. Patchwork is often
forgotten by many fashion designers. But when it is done tastefully -- you wind up
getting a piece of clothing that looks goods, lasts a long time, and will be worn over
and over again. Something loved. Winter 2004. Brown pinstripe and white shirt also
Ecko Men. Photographs by David Jacquot.

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David Jacquot
The Cornerstone. THE UNDERSTANDING. People talk about the Fashion Community like
it is a Family.
Something you have to be on the inside to understand. A World totally
exclusive to the elite, the Jet Set. That is not true. An outsider may think they have no
place in that community. That is not true either. No one is excluded from The Fashion
Community worldwide. It is a playground. Where all are welcome. In Life it is the place
where creation intended for you to have Fun. Someone in the flatlands or in rural
areas far from The Big Cities may say: "But what does that World have to do with me ?
I have nothing to do with that industry
! I could never fit in there --" Again, wrong.
Eventually, the Fashion Community reaches out and touches everybody. From the most
elegant Evening Dress to the simple styling of ... A Farmhand's Jeans. You just have to
understand what is the true Fashion Community to know you are a part of it. And to do
that ... you have to understand Fashion. Once you do, you become as you would in
every great family: "related." We are going to make it easy for any individual to
understand The World of Fashion ... and ... The Fashion Community. Easy for you to
become a part of it. What is Fashion ??? That is the answer to everything. Here is the
understanding. Fashion is about one thing. "The World of Clothes." Which also
includes accessories.

Now, for the Philosophy. "When you mix Style -- with clothes -- you get Fashion."
There it is. Simple. You wear clothes ? Then you are part of the Fashion Community.
Whether those that are the "snobs" like it or not. Now climb into your jeans and give
yourself a little Style. See what Fashion is about. It is about you. That's right. You.

Welcome to The World of Clothes. Welcome to ... The Fashion Community. Call it
what it is -- "Yours."
The Men's

Marc Ecko
Winter 2004
Keeping Warm
The presentation
in clothes. They
a cool night in
California, a warm
sunny day in The
Winter Alps, or just
for when you're
walking 'round the
It's all
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