The Style Diary. Basic Black. The Photographer is Rony Shram. Wardrobe: Calvin Klein.
Models courtesy of Ford Models. We do not want to write too much on top of the photos because
they are "perfect." The point is for you to see them. Each one gives a certain feel. From contemporary
to nostalgic to downright sexy. You be the Judge. And the story continues. It goes like this ... a young
aspiring Assistant Stylist / Stylist wanted to secure more experience in The World of Professional Fashion
Styling. She lived in England and was coming to America for 3 months to do this. She contacted two
particular Professionals in New York City and asked if they would help her. When she arrived in New
York she began to network and meet with people from the Fashion Industry. Her name was Phillippa
Parry. The two Professional Stylist would watch her work and critique it. That allowed Phillippa to add
scope to all that she knew already. It is also where she learned that "sometimes less is more." For an
example: maybe you want to add earrings, a necklace, and a ring to accessorize an outfit. That could be
good. But what happens if you do not add the necklace ? The Look may say more. Cleaner so to speak.
Especially if the garment has an interesting neckline or the model is really striking. How to solve the
problem ? Shoot it both way. Shoot it with the necklace. And then take a few shots without the
necklace. Now see which one you like, which one says
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Section 2:
To make a photo shoot turn out well -- the environment -- location plays a big part. Whether
you are shooting in daylight with or without clouds overhead -or- you are inside and your
lighting may have certain limitations. All of it must be considered. This shoot was shot in a
Night Club a few blocks from Union Square. Rony Shram, the photographer on the set, took
every precaution in having this shoot be at its best. Rony did the smart thing. Knowing the
shoot was an indoor shoot he brought his own lights (reflective umbrellas, stands, lamps, and
strobe box). You can see it played an important role in achieving this level of Quality. Look
at the light reflecting on the vinyl of the seat. Also note the shadowing that Rony created. To
have a photo shoot result in a professional outcome: you must take time to set everything up
properly. Do not try to do it in a rush if you can help it. You will waste your time and everyone
else's. Take a full day to do it. This shoot was accomplished over a period of 2 days. Not
including "Prep Time", the many days it takes to prepare something of this caliber. For a shoot
like this it could actually take a week to prepare it. Most Professional Fashion Stylists on a
paying job might only get a total of 2 or 3 days to prep it. The Model here is Laura.
Richard Renda
The Fashion Industry (clothing
and accessories) being a
collective of Creative talents --
there are always people trying
to perfect their craft. Fashion
Stylists and Photographers.
Which means there are photo
shoots being produced. On a
professional photo shoot the
Fashion Stylist / Editor
is responsable (and
for Wardrobe.
Shoes, socks,
bags, jewelry,
clothes ...

Depending on what level of
Fashion Stylist / Editor they are
their responsblity may expand.
The Stylist may also have to find
the locations, the photographer,
acquire insurance, guards for
jewelry, prepare a credit list for
input to include in a story, plus
carry everything. On one shoot
we heard a Stylist had 28 stuffed
garment bags, 8 shopping bags,
and 4 two by two foot (hip high)
boxes filled with merchandise.
In most
circumstances an
"Assitant Fashion
Stylist" is included in a
photo shoot production.
That is where you
get experience.
And if you lose anything
that belongs to a designer
or merchant ...
uh oh !
Helping hands are
usually welcome
with a smile.
The Fashion Story Here is called "Basic Black." How a basic
black wardrobe changes with a specific cut on the neckline and
with shorter or longer lengths of the hemline. Or, what a sheer
overlay can do for an outfit as shown on the previous page.
Photograph by
Rony Shram
Wardrobe by
Calvin Klein
To get experience you assist a Stylist
whenever possible. Then on your own
time you gather associates to do test
shoots. Like this. This is a Test. We think
everyone here passed the test, don't you ?
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