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300,000,000 miles away. Okay ... almost. There are 2 types of people in the world. Those who would
wage war and kill other human beings. And those who would reach out into the Universe in the quest
of trying to understand Life's wonders. If war is not your thing and you need to get away from all the
fighting, the bloodshed, and the politics -- then get on the computer, grab yourself a cup of hot
chocolate, tea, or Pepsi, and go visit The Mars Exploration at the NASA Space Center: www.NASA.gov
You choose the kind of person you want to be. Share with the generations to come -- The Story of
"What Not To Be Like." In all of that, you make this civilized race of individuals gain great worth.
Enjoy the Journey. To another planet ...

use 3-D glasses here
300 Million Miles Away
In 3-D
Imagine That
The MagaZine
Do you feel like you have your foot stuck in the ground ?
Life going nowhere ? Well you had better look around.
The ground you are standing on is it brown or is it red ?
You could be on another planet. Exactly ! You are on
another planet. 283 million miles beyond. Just a hop,
skip, and a jump away. Talk about having our heads in
the clouds. In case you haven't noticed human beings
are now ... Martians. Taking pictures on the 4th planet.
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The 4th Planet in our
Solar System ... MARS.
a/k/a "The Red Planet"
in living color.
This is the Rover:
Section 3:
Mars color photo from
the ROVER "Opportunity"
for best viewing of the photograph
below use 3-D glasses
To NASA and associates: A Very Special "Thank You" to all the men and women
who believed (in reality). You made it to Mars. A Big CONGRATULATIONS !!!
photo credits: NASA / Cornell
top (clockwise): The red
planet in color, Rover on
Mars surface in 3-D, Mars
landscape in 3-D, and
Rover Spirit entering Mars
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