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Skin MATTERS. When it comes to Skin Care Products some of the very best are from ERNO LASZLO.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
The MagaZine
In a woman's World on
a daily basis Health is
a conscious issue.
Because she knows
Health matters. But
when there are issues
of health (especially in
a woman's world),
there are also issues
of controversy. Evenso,
the controversies do
not matter -- the health
does. Staying in good
health is about having
good options.
The Ortho Evra active style
The issues some might raise in health is one of
birth control. This story is not about the issue.
This is about one of the options a woman has
available to her. It is a patch that works like a
birth control pill but it works for seven days. You
slap it on in some out of the way spot on your bod
and you are freed from the limits of a daily routine.
It can be worn in the shower or in the pool ... for
the female who is active and on the go.
for more information go to
The Ortho Evra Patch can be worn on the buttock, abdomen, upper torso
(excluding the breast area), or on the outside of the upper arm. In the
same manner as birth control pills: the Ortho Evra patch is 99% effective
in preventing pregnancy when used correctly. To prevent possible side
effects, use only while under the care of a licensed physician.
approximate size
The Ortho Evra Patch does not
protect against contracting A.I.D.S. or
other sexually transmitted diseases.
If other medications are being taken it is
recommended to advise the doctor or health care
professional. Some medications may make the
Patch less effective.
Rich in beauty tradition, rooted in medical science, Dr. Erno Laszlo was a Hungarian Dermatologist. He was the
first to combine the exact science of that profession -Dermatology- with the art of cosmetology. In 1927 Erno Laszlo
established his first institute in Budapest. The doctor's formulations and practices seemed radical for their day but
they brought astounding results. Word of his treatments soon spread and in 1939, to satisfy an ever increasing
demand, Dr. Laszlo opened his famed Fifth Avenue institute in New York City. Today women can experience the
effectiveness of this renowned skin care and color collection. Erno Laszlo products can be found in fine department
stores around the world including Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, and Saks (in-store and online).
pHormula No. 3-9 by Erno Laszlo ... The Erno Laszlo Prescription for Perfect Skin.
This Proprietary ingredient complex creates what the Laszlo people call a "Health Dome" which
provides an optimal nurturing environment for healthy radiant skin. Concentrated humectants
hydrate and soften as it helps build collagen, increase hydration and elasticity, and minimizes the
appearance of wrinkles.
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