The story from a "little boy"
becoming an adult proves one
thing for all people ... Life is
Magic. So why not enjoy the
good things Life has given ?
Central Florida is the vacationer's dreamland - warm tropical climates, beaches, amusement parks, museums
and guest accommodations to fit anyone's plans ... from the land of Mickey Mouse to the famed Sunshine
State's citrus groves. For something completely unique rent a Villa or a poolside house to give your stay all the
comforts of home. You can check with Paulette and Lee for something like that ...
Richard Renda
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The Magic Continues ... around the world. There are some fun websites on the worldwide web
where people have taken great effort to share their experience of Mr. Walt Disney's -- "dreams
come true." For your pleasure we have listed some of them here. One day when you are bored
with nothing to do check some of these websites presentations out. You will find in all of them
what the meaning of "eye candy" is. Go ahead, be a child again. You may remember what you
forgot --
"The Official Editorial Authority"
The MagaZine
The Magic Continues ! ! !
Disney World is an adventure for all peoples from around the World. Ever since its opening in the early
1970's The Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida has added new thrills - new sights - and new spectaculars.
There are 4 Kingdoms that make up this real life Fantasyland. Walt Disney World, The Epcot Center,
The Animal Kingdom, and Disney MGM-Studios. Here we will take a journey through the eyes of others.
This is an adventure that once you experience it you will never forget it. (It is what it is ... Priceless.)
" Splash Mountain "
Mission Space
This overhead aerial shot is from
Don. Special thanks goes out to
Mark for all his help in getting to
you ... the Big picture.
In 1967 the Florida legislature created the Reedy Creek Improvement District which is known today as the
Walt Disney World Vacation Kingdom. The Reedy Creek Improvement District consisted of 42 square miles,
27,400 acres of land, about twice the size of Manhattan. Disneyland in California was Walt Disney's first
Fantasyland Park. In comparison it is about 240 acres in size.
Until we meet again ...
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Lots of Love -- from the
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