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Totally Cool
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Richard Renda
"The Official Editorial Authority"
The MagaZine
Spring Fashion 2004. The Beauty Shot.
Hair & Makeup. Backstage at Tommy Hilfiger.
Preserved Moment by photographer
Ken Rumments.

Some environmental changes have taken place ... In the Fashion Community. During the September
2003 showing of the Spring 2004 Fashion Collections in New York the Gods smiled upon photographers and
video people who have pained the years of endurance to bring to the eyes of the worldwide public an array of
points of view. There appeared to be a new Sponsor lurking about -- contributing to the scene. And moreso,
contributing to the needs of The Professional Lenspeople. Those people who capture and preserve the moment
but who always seem to be considered last. From the Mountain Top, the Universe brings to this earth: Olympus.
And the Gods from Olympus, they care about cameras and camerapeople. They demonstrated to the Fashion
Community that to them the first concern was not the "A - List" mentality created by others but instead to: look at
the whole picture. During Spring and Summer 2004 we will take a look a what Olympus accompished as they
become the major Sponsor of The New York Fashion Runway Shows. If you thought there were some good things
in Life: Olympus makes it better. Okay, where are the Starburst ?
A "Totally Cool " Mention
"Totally Cool is about something that
comes from the heart
." R. Renda (1994)
Totally Cool is an ... editorial project ... created by Richard
Renda and friends. From the City of the World, New York
City. In a certain manner it is like the -ultimate- "Good
Housekeeping seal of Approval." And to some ... their
religion is even "Totally Cool ." There is much to say
about this project, in whole. Which we will do as we all go
forward. It has a Universe of History that touches people
all around the planet. If you see what is before you, you
see it is not competitive -- it complements. And it is really all
about you. The who you are and the why you are on this
Earth. We will get into that and much more later. Here we
just want to touch on one thing. Well, there is the tale of
"Outlast Civilization." But that is another story. The story
we want to mention today -- just a mention -- is one that
says: if you think you know what "Totally Cool " is about
then listen to this. Sure, it can be about the Worlds of
what is Cool. But Cool can be trendy. And it can change
from time to time. That is not what "Totally Cool " is
necessarily all about. One time we did an interview with the
President of a worldwide Men's Tie company. A square,
stiff, Japanese company like from the movie "Gung Ho."
They were giving a percent of their proceeds to children
with A.I.D.S. that got our interest ("Always Good News All
The Time"). So we have 3 stock questions that get asked
of people. I asked the President of the Tie company this
one. "What is Totally Cool about you ?" He leaned on a wall
and thought for a long time. Then he looked at me and said,
What is Totally Cool about me is that "I'm not cool and I know
it." That was perfection. At its best. Just for a mention.
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