photo credit: David Hebble
Winter Relief. Around the World. From New York City and back. Go West Young Man
/ Young Lady ... GO WEST.
We have never had all these locations, preserved by the
photographer David Hebble, in one place. Since many people are coping with a cold cold Winter we
know looking at good things can make you feel. Remember, the Earth is a big place. If it is cold in
one place it does not mean it is cold everywhere else. As you hold these images in your mind -- keep
the Faith. Spring is on its way. 2004 opens many new doors.

Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the

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A Magazine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
The Stopover. We went from New York City to Sunset Cliffs, California. Now we've
gone south to San Diego. This is where you are. We're gonna have Fun. In search
of the warm sun. We will continue the journey -- West. To the Hawaiian Pipeline.
And around the World we go. Only for you to know ... someone cares about you.

Winter Relief Photographs by David Hebble. Shot on location. (top right corner) Jet
photo by David Weissner. Shot on location in New York City.
Okay, look at this picture for a while. Feel better.
Gennifer Flowers
Joe Franklin
Winter Relief
Let's Start in New York
and go Around the World.
From 1997 through 2002 New York
saw mild winters. Temperatures
that were in the 50's (F.) and higher.
In fact, in January of 2002 it was a
sunny 69 (F.) degrees in New York
City. People got comfortable with the
phenomena. But it was / is not the
norm. Normal for a New York winter
is Cold and snow. In the Winter of
2003 - 2004 the first snow was deep on the 6th of December 2003. It was still Autumn. The weather continued with
that pattern. Brutal cold and snow. Cabin fever can cause depression. The answer is let's think about a little relief.
Just staring at these beautiful pictures as you think about the warmth you are seeing will ... make you feel better.
In Search of Sun
and Fun
First Stop - from New York
to California Sunset Cliffs.
photo credit: David Hebble
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