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We are SNOWBOUND. TO CRASH AND BURN. In these modern times the means by which we travel
from point A to B have become more sophisticated. That includes sleigh riding too. For Mom, for
Dad, for children of all ages. Maybe you did forget. We are all children of the ages. To have an
occasion that you can share laughter, screaming, fun .. is to have an occasion to live. So why not
do it ?!! A sled could be just around the corner at Home Depot or even Bed, Bath, and Beyond.
What's your excuse ? If there is snow out there -anywhere- maybe there is a reason. To crash and
burn. Photographs by David Weisser.
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The MagaZine
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We are not telling you where we are ... it could be somewhere, near your own backyard.
Gennifer Flowers
Joe Franklin
CRASH & BURN ! ! !
Cold and Snow got you down --
Then get up and have some
fun. Here is one of the only
places we know of where you
can actually CRASH and burn
and get up to do it again. We
knew that there was a good
side to all that white stuff they
call snow. Unless you forgot
your childhood, you know.
There is an important point to
this story. Look at the pictures.
It could be almost anywhere.
And that could be you.
Hey, didn't you ever hear of
two on a sled ???
photos by David Weissner
How about three
on a sled --
Okay, who said
"Snowball Fight ! "

Didn't I hear him
say "Snowball
fight" -- Where is
he ? Let's go !!!
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