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Section 1:
Winter Relief. From the Cuba shores ...
we go on to reach the end of the road, but not the end of the journey. Know
this. There is always more to come. Always. Back in America. This is the Key.
Key West. In search of Sun and Fun. The photographer -- David Hebble.

Winter Relief ...
Gennifer Flowers
Joe Franklin
A Journey Around ...
the World.

In Search of Sun
and Fun
Winter Relief
The Photographer is David Hebble
The motion of water. A stop over in
Austria. Now we are ready to travel
across another ocean as we begin to
complete ... a Global Adventure.
A walk on the beach. In the Virgin Islands.
A visit with
King Neptune.
This is Cuba.
That might
call for a
A Cuban
This is one of our Editorial Director's most favorite images. All time.
The rolling wave. With purple skies. This is beachfront Miami, Florida.
To finish the full circle.
The Jet is set.

And onward to where we started from.
Welcome to The City of the World.
Welcome to The Big Gotham.
New York City, the place where
someone from every Nation and
every Creed lives.
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