Now let's go back to the story. Right, the pictures. If you argue politics with me here you will lose. The
man on the far right is responsible for changing the face of New York City. In many ways. To the point
there are Black Markets where there never were and people killing each other over things they never
killed each other over in New York City before. That same man wrote a story some years ago called
"Bloomberg by Bloomberg." In a Manhattan highrise they played pool and smoked "Cuban" cigars. Maybe
because of the history that Michael Bloomberg has made for his self of late, each time I see this picture:
the same line echoes from within. (Do not get me wrong. I have in the literal sense personally stood along
side Mayor Bloomberg recently. He may even be a good person ?) But every time I look at this picture
-immediately above- it always says the same thing, one line per person ..."SEE NO EVIL. HEAR NO EVIL.
(I heard someone laughing)
-- Funny --
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. Let's do a disclaimer. My name is Richard Renda. I am "The
Pen" writing this story. If you have a problem with it -- blame me, take it out on me (if you want to also
fight with The Universe and my Maker be my Guest). Do not take it out on anyone else. With some
people this - what is exposed - will not be popular. With others it may be very popular. Either way,
good news is
... you are seeing it the way it is. And you can make up your own mind. Life appears to
speak certain truths. Some do not like the truth. Because the truth, that which is the Absolute truth,
knows more about what others do not want known. If you can understand that.
copyright 2004
All rights reserved.
Stay Tuned - There Is
Much to be exposed to --
Richard Renda
"The Official Editorial Authority"
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... your volume.
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The MagaZine
A Man of Contemplation ... Filmmaker, Martin Scorsese. Taxi Driver, Raging Bull,
The Age of Innocence, Gangs of New York.
photographs by Kenneth Rumments.

Gennifer Flowers
Joe Franklin
Give me Liberty ...
Or Give Me Death.
At The Foot Of The Harbor
In The City Of The World
There is a story. The happening of
what this is all about.

But that is not the story. We will tell
that story between this page and
the next. Evenso, what this story is
really about (the undercurrent) is:
the pictures ... The Photographs.
Every aspect of them. Like this one
with the boat going by. Someone
standing still. Something moving.
We absolutely just love some of
these pictures. They say what you
see. And you see what they speak.
First off -- let's get it straight: we do
not take one side or another when it
comes to politics or political issues.
The only time we will take a position
in politics is when LIFE itself is being
threatened or in jeopardy. What we
do is we tell the story of people and
the story that we call human history.
This is Filmmaker Martin Scorsese.
He came to Battery Park in New
York City, at the southern most tip of
Manhattan island, to speak about
The Statue of Liberty. Nice picture.
photo by Ken Rumments
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