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That's All Right
Elvis Presley
RCA Records
ELVIS LIVES ! The Original Tape. Now for the story of what happens to it. What
may very well be "The Last Elvis Presley Collectable available to Elvis fans and
collectors around the World." Are You Prepared To See It Get ... CUT ??? Get
Tony Bongiovi (aka Tony Bon Jovi), President and Co-Founder of Bongiovi
Entertainment. Tony's reputation as a recording engineer and record producer
proves itself with more than 50 gold and platinum albums to his credit. The
production discography include Jimi Hendrix, Jon Bon Jovi (a cousin), Talking
Heads, The Ramones, Black Sabbath with Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Gloria
Gaynor, and The Scorpions. Tony Bongiovi also co-produced the biggest selling
pop instrumental of all time: the "Theme from Star Wars." At this event he is the
man showing the tape ... with white gloves.
Gennifer Flowers
Joe Franklin
The MagaZine
Elvis Lives
When the select members of the press listened to the original first recording of Elvis' studio session they heard the
session the way it was. Like being in The Twilight Zone. No post production. No reverb. No changes. A special
moment of recorded time. Remember when this recording went to tape -- priorities were not as high as they are
today. Elvis Presley was a new artist. No one had really heard of Elvis. And no one knew at that time Elvis Presley
was on his way to becoming what is now: A Legend. Later, in post production the record company added reverb
and evened out (limited) the peak levels of the vocals and the musical instruments for final polishing.
This is the Post

This is the original Reel
found in the box marked
Here is the
original tape
transferred on
to a new Reel.
captured moment
by Richard Renda
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