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The Sexiest Night on Televsion presented by Victoria's Secret
also included musical performances by Sting, Mary J. Blige, and
... Eve ...
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Above is the talented Tyra Banks.

The Sexiest Night on Television. Victoria's Secret. In the last quarter of the year 2003 Victoria's
Secret (well known worldwide for some of the most revealing, most sexiest, most affordable ladies garments on the
planet Earth) did air on the CBS Television Networks: Angels that were alive. The major media news and editorial
content providers marked it as an Event noted in History. But if you did not have an opportunity to see the Jeweled
extravaganza -then by all means- you should ! The simple fact that it happened is reason enough.
Yes, she does have wings. Didn't you ever see the movie "Michael."
Everybody was just standing around. So ... I created The Line.
This is not any movie that you are looking at. This is Live.
This is a small
taste of what
The Special
Event was about.
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