So what happen to the end of the story, what happen to the stylist -- did she go back to England ?
We are going to show you that at the bottom of this page. First we want to say THANK YOU to the
owners of the Night Club "Plaid" in New York City for providing the Location to do this shoot, all
the hard working dedicated Models, to Katie and Eilleen Ford for creating the Professional Model
Industry and giving so many people a chance to have their Dreams come true, and to every single
person who helped share this moment with you. "Well done people, well done
The MagaZine
Stay Tuned - There Is
Much to realize --
Section 2:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
Color of Love
Cassandra Reed
Peak Records

Richard Renda
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
copyright 2004
All rights reserved.
To do nice photographs is one thing.
But to have people see them, to have
the opportunity to have them viewed by
the worldwide public -- the work that
was done, the what was accomplished
... and to have someone pat you on the
back and say: "those are some of the
best pictures I have ever seen" is a
completely different thing. If you get
that far it says all that needs to be said.
The Style Diary
"Basic Black"
From The
Success !
A perfect
photo shoot.
Okay so I am not
wearing Black.
We did not want
you to think the
only thing that
Calvin Klein does
that is beautiful
has to be Black.
As you can see
... that is not true.
The Photographer:
Rony Shram
Fashion Stylist:
Phillippa Parry
Oh right, let's not forget Men can have Dreams too. Sometimes
they just need someone to make them look good. This is the
same shoot at Plaid. The Model: Razmus. The outfit, head to
toe, is: "Calvin Klein" for men.
Now for the final outcome. What ultimately happened to Phillippa ? Phillippa
did return to England. I received an email from her. I'll let you read it yourself.
Our one hope is that by reading this educational and very personal story you felt
like you were on this photo shoot with us. Maybe you even learned a little
Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your help in building my portfolio
when I was in New York as ...............(drum roll !)............... I've just signed with an
agency in London !!!!! .................. and am very chuffed ! So wanted to write and
say thanks - as it was down to working with you all that got me the fab pics for my
book and therefore why I got the job. I've been really busy since and I have a fashion
show on Monday and my first cover shoot for a magazine on Tuesday - v. exciting !
Am loving living in London, although not as much as New York which I really loved.

Anyway, thanks again and hopefully I'll see you all soon when I get a photo shoot in
New York.

I won't forget you when I'm rich and famous !


Hair: Rayad
Makeup: Jennifer Nelson
The Model (above) is Delphine.
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