To continue the story, Phillippa had worked some fashion shoots during the first six weeks in
New York City. Now she was ready to see what they mean when people say "New York City is
Magic." Imagine you talking to yourself inside and dreaming about doing that next Fashion
Photo shoot. Now imagine The Universe is listening. What happened next is Phillippa Parry was
in a Calvin Klein store. And while talking with an assistant manager she mentioned that she was
an aspiring Fashion Stylist. He told her he always wanted to go on a fashion photo shoot and
see what it was like. What was it all about ? He would also like to try his hand at Assistant
Fashion Styling. Many people think -- oh, they wear clothes so they know what they are doing.
No. As Eilleen Ford has told me -- you have to have "an eye." It takes Talent to put this it all
together. "Just because you wear clothes does not mean you know anything about clothes or
how they go together" is the way the quote goes. Phillippa's new found friend also said he had
a friend that worked in the Public Relations Department at Calvin Klein. If she would do the shoot
he could help secure Wardrobe. The Club "Plaid" was willing to help by donating the location for
the time needed. And Ford Models would help provide the girls. This shoot would also be useful
in building each of the Model's Portfolio. I went to see Rony and Phillippa at Plaid and see how
the Photo Shoot was coming along. After discussing it with Rony we agreed that if the shoot
turned out well -- what we would call "at a Professional Standard" we would consider telling the
whole story.

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Section 2:
The MagaZine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
This Photograph inspires. Something in the lighting of the complete
composition says: "Mystical" and "Enchanting." It would be a tragedy, as is
the same with all the photographs in this story, if they were to whisper away
into the wind without someone saying something about how the power of the
Universe brought all this - the learning event together. It was all magic. Even
though this photo moment immediately above is simple in composition, on a
stairway with no props ... the photograph itself catches your eye. Fashion
Stylist: Phillippa Parry.
Photographer: Rony Shram. Clothes: Calvin Klein.
The Model is Jennifer.
This is the Dress
from page one of
this Style Diary
story. Except
here it is without
the sheer overlay.
See how adding
one element or
taking one away
changes The Look
Style Diary:
Basic Black
Rony Shram

Fashion Stylist
Phillippa Parry
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