Did you ever want to get a job or work at something you love (in a certain industry) but the
requirement is "you have to be experienced" ??? You are then faced with how do you get
experience if you must have "on-the-job experience" and no one will give you a job because:
you do not have experience. A real dilemma. Especially if you want to advance in what you do.
So, how do you get experience ? You find people who understand this problem and they can
help you along the way.
If you really want to do something great ... do not be afraid to try. That
is the moral of the story.
This story has many sides to it. We will make an attempt to cover them all.
There is ... The Story and point of it. Then there is the story of Fashion Styling. And the story of
Composition (the final outcome of a photograph, the view of the photographer, and the view of the
whole environment).
The Model is Kristy Lee (above).

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A Magazine Alive
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On the road of what
happens next ...
The MagaZine
Look at the tones of this photograph. The picture takes you out of the
year you are in and projects your mind to a place where you might
think you time traveled decades into the past. If you did not know
better you might think it was taken some 50 years ago. A person with
an experienced photographic eye would have great love for this
captured moment and the photograph above -- for all the same
reasons. Life ... can be ... profoundly magical. Shoes: Calvin Klein.
The Model is Fabiana. Courtesy of Ford Model Management, NYC.

The Style Diary --
The Stylists Book
This is a great story. From The Style Diary of
Professional New York City Fashion Stylists. This photo
shoot is all about the story itself. The Magic involved.
The stepping stones along the way. The Chemistry of
the people. The collaboration and co-operation.
But first look at this picture. It is perfect, perfect in
beauty, in setting, in pose, and in balance. You
can not make this happen even if you planned it.
Everything, every element had to be in place.
Life handpicked
the timing, the
people, this
Notice the look on
the Dalmation's
face. Innocent.
And, attentive.
Fashion Stylist:
Phillippa Claire Parry

Rony Shram
Hair by Rayad
Jennifer Nelson
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