this is the 2nd Decade ... 2006 ...
going forward.
Totally Cool
The First Decade
1994 - 2004
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Totally Cool
The First Decade
1994 - 2004
The Embassy Domelet
by Richard Renda
this is the 2nd Decade ... 2006 ...
going forward.
Preserved Moment. The Real Donald.
Donald Trump and the ever lovely Melania
by Richard Renda
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What did you say --- was that "Fri ...ed" or "Fired" ??? But what if I tell them to watch
"The Apprentice" on NBC TV -- am I still Fri ...ed ? That Bites ! ! !

The Embassy Suites Hotels are of the famed Hilton family of Hotels. Elegant style with
plenty of Class. The Embassy Suites Hotels offer Resort like accommodations including
"Cooked To Order" breakfast. They include Special Offer Packages from east to west --
north to south -- from New York City and Niagara Falls to Orlando and Miami Florida ... to
California ... and even Hawaii. They also accommodate Weddings, Corporate Meetings,
and Special Events. Embassy Suites Hotels offer "suites" to their Visitors, instead of just
a room. They have nearly 190 locations in the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean. / 1-800 Embassy (1-800-362-3779)

Egg On
Your Face !

What did you call that ?? That was called ... What ??? ! ! ! You're ... Fired ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Melania tell him again. "You're Fired ! ! ! ! Fired. Fired. Fired."

hummm ...
like that.

or maybe it
should read --
uummmm ...
Like That ! Well,
it looks good
or was that
Egg On
Your Plate !!!

Photo credit:
Embassy Hotel's
egg "Domelet"
and Trump
courtesy of
Brad Barket and
Rachel Harrison
Emanate PR
The Real Donald. Donald Trump and Melania. Captured moment photo still by
Richard Renda. - ps: tell Ivanka ... Totally Cool : ) sends love and says Hello -

The Word has it that it is True ... The Embassy Suites Hotels have created an omelet called "The
Domelet." Fondly named after that master builder: Donald Trump, and in honor of the Embassy
Hotel's appearance on "The Donald's" hit TV Show: "The Apprentice." Of course it has a good
amount of c-h-e-e-s-e to it and definitely a certain amount of ... ham. Along with some radicchio
for a little extra added bitterness. Those are not our words. Just what we hear : ) Hey Donald --
you know we love you. Anyway, the first national appearance of The Embassy Hotels' omelette
"The Domelet" occured when a fair haired, self-promoting, Trump impersonator screaming
"You're Fired" served the luxurious creation to a well known morning TV show Live on the air.
Congratulations ! As we also Celebrate Embassy Suites Hotels participation in "The Apprentice" ! ! !
This Is The View At The Embassy Suites
Hotel in Lake Tahoe, California. Let's
See What You Get To See. What An
Experience Is Really Like !
What Is The STORY ?
The Story Is ... by
Richard Renda.
An Evening Sky in Lake Tahoe. The phone number at the Tahoe Resort is 530-544-5400.
In case you are inspired and need it. ( just in case. )
The Pool at The Embassy Suites Hotel in Lake Tahoe ... California.
The Bed. The Room. The Balcony. The View. The Lake. They should not be calling this The Embassy
Suites Hotel. They should be calling it The Embassy "Sweet" Hotel. Have you ever seen anything like this ?
Niagara Falls, Upstate New York
Imagine Fireworks at night over Waterfalls as you see it all from
the window of your Suite while relaxing in your own Jacuzzi
Maui, Hawaii
Downtown Manhattan, New York City
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
They are almost Everywhere
And the final story is: the task required of the four "Apprentice" candidates involved creating a
product for the Embassy Suites Hotel staff. While most "Apprentice" challenges ask candidates
to create consumer products and services, the final two teams are charged with creating a new
look for Embassy Suites employees. Each team in the season's series partnered with a well
known fashion firm to design new uniforms for the Embassy Suites Hotel in lower Manhattan.
The product ultimately developed by the winning team will be rolled out to the entire hotel chain
and its more than 30,000 members in late 2006, making Embassy Suites Hotels one of only a
handful of brands in "The Apprentice" history to move forward with a product designed based on
the popular NBC show. Famed Fashion Model Ivanka Trump and her brother Donald Trump Jr.
play a prominent role in the series, offering insight and advice to both sets of teams throughout
the challenge as well as during the "Boardroom" portion of the Nationally Syndicated TV show.
What exactly is in the "The Domelet" omelette ? It is loaded with ham,
cheese, peppers - and it is topped with salsa and sour cream.
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