Wishing You A Happy Holiday
Season ! ! ! Many blessings on
your Journey into the Future.
Season's Greetings ...
sent with a Big Hug !

When You
walk In The City
Of The World you
will see many things.

The Magic and
awesome power
of Electricity.
Now when you put
Technology in the
hands of the right
people this is what
you get. Life even
more beautiful.

If you are a visitor to
New York City you
may also find that
someone cares
about you. Let's see.

Here is a little Angel being preserved in a moment of time by ... another angel. These are
the souls of talent and expression. Life being Art.
The Caron Carolers. The 18th Year they have played Holiday Tunes for visitors on the Street.

A Happy Holiday wish to
Military Personnel all around
the World. Here's looking at
ya kid. Mother Nature is
watching too.
Merry every
thing and Happy New Year
from all of us,
LIFE in the

The Visitors ... in The Valley of Angels.
Grrrrr. Last year a Panther sat atop the
Cartier Building on 5th Avenue. Each year
you see something new. "Courtyard in
Lights" The Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue
and 51st Street.
The Artist. The Talent.
The Tree (below) shot
on 5th Avenue between
49th and 50th Streets in
New York City.
Love this picture above.
Through the Wing of an Angel.
And the Tree Top shadow on
the building. How you see it.
A happy moment preserved can last as long as Forever.
Windows at
Saks Fifth
The Kids. This is Samantha and her two brothers.
Above: The Snowflake on 57th Street
and a view down Fifth Avenue, in The
City of the World, New York City.
This is some of
what happens
on Fifth Avenue
between 49th
& 51st Street.
Say "Totally Cool " -- 1 ... 2 ... 3 !
Enjoy the Holiday Season and remember a little kindness goes a long way.

In A Sphere. Saks Fifth Avenue.
Tiffany & Co.
gotcha !
Strike a Pose
Captured Moments.
Human History

ARE NOT Forgotten.
Not ever.

Images by
Richard david Renda

Welcome to New
York City. The City
where people from
every Country in the
World live. Together.
A blast from the past. FAO Schwarz Toy Store. Around for over a hundred years. Give Us A Bear ... HUG !
Editorial Music Credit:
Tastes of Honey
Ric Marlow

below: tree lights by Richard Renda
Holiday Pics
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