The one thing the World does need to survive THE FUTURE.
Think about it.
Next time you are angry
at someone, don't be.
Do you have it in you ????

Maybe, what it is America needs to learn more about is
... Compassion or call it ... Love.
Like we said. You have it in you.
If not, then we all die -- a little more each day. In vain.

Wishing You A Happy Holiday Season ! ! !

The very Best on your Journeys into the
Next year.

Sometimes a song can say as much as a
photograph -- and make you feel ... that
much more. With love, Richard david
Renda and everyone at
Totally Cool
I Go To Work In
New York City ...
and look what
happens to me !
I am remembered.

That is what New
Yorkers are all
about. You mean
something to them.

Happy Happy Holidays ! ! !
SAKS Fifth Avenue wishing you a Happy Holiday Season - Don't forget to go see the Windows !
On Page Music: "America Sings." Young adults from schools all across the Nation make their
way to The Big Gotham -- between 34th and 35th on Broadway. Singing, dancing, and sharing
in the streets. In the City of the World. (
Above (left) is
KB Toys
Spiderman Holiday
window; (middle)
Rockefeller Center
Wooden Soldier;
(right) Superman
Holiday Window by
The Sharper Image,
Rockefeller Center.
In The City of the
World ...

New York City,
5th Avenue and
50th Street.
Stick around. The tunes
are definitely different.
Have Happy Happy Holiday
Season and a thousand
Best Wishes for you from
all of us New Yorkers,
The St. Regis (Crew),

Disney Holiday Windows - Fifth Avenue and 55th Street
Treasure Planet
Toy Story
Holiday Lights on the Street at the St. Regis Hotel
The Doorman at
The St. Regis Hotel
The Treetop on top of
the Rockefeller
Center Christmas
Tree ...
The Star.
The Snowflake
5th Avenue and
57th Street
slate 2
this is where
you are

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