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Totally Cool
The First Decade
1994 - 2004
The Lowdown
by Jess

Project Runway
New York Fashion Week
this is the 2nd Decade ... 2006 ...
going forward.
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New York , New York 2006
It's Season 2 for the successful Bravo TV Show "Project Runway" and the 16 designers have been narrowed
down to three. The contestants have competed in weekly design challenges at Parsons School for Design in
New York City until only three remain and face off at New York Fashion Week. Due to the extreme secrecy
of the the Bravo Show made for TV, four Designers showed collections. The four Designers were: Chloe,
Santino, Daniel, and Kara. The audience was not given the final three. In this reporter's opinion of the
collections Santino was "Out and Auf Wiedersehen" and Kara took home the winnings.
The runway show was packed with attendees ranging from the Designers' friends and family to the Queer
Eye Guys. The panel of judges were all in place; Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum and guest celebrity
judge Debra Messing (star of Will and Grace). The first collection to grace the runway was Daniel. Daniel's
collection was classic and full of gorgeous pieces that complemented the female figure. The aviator inspired
collection colors ranged from chocolate, navy, lime, camel, and burgundy. Daniel, the weekly winner in
many of the shows' challenges, was a favorite going into the show. The newly graduated design student
from F.I.T. (the New York Fashion Institute of Technology) knows what he is doing and his collection was a
testament to his talent.
The second collection to grace the runway was Kara. Kara jumped onto the runway like a rock star boasting
of how much she "loved" her collection. I have to agree with her. Her collection was fantastic; a mix of cool
punk meets a take off of classic Vivienne Westwood. The colors ranged from bright pinks, brown tweeds, and
ivory. The trousers and skirts were very high-waisted with a "wrap"effect at the waistline. All the models wore
colorful knitted sherpa-like snow hats with ear coverings and braided strings. The look was very British ... full
of whimsy and extraordinary creativity.
The third collection featured Chloe, another project runway favorite from past episodes. She won viewers' and
judges' praises alike with her classically cut garments and ability to create pieces that complement any body
type. Chloe's collection was feminine and beautifully draped. The line was full of kimono-like jackets with
oversized blousy sleeves and cinched waistlines. The color palette range included salmon, moss, and more.
She also created flowy printed dresses with empire waistlines that were pretty but a reflection of many other
designers who has previously shown at the tents.
The fourth and final collection was presented by Santino. Santino, the resident "ham" on the show, was the
"ringer" brought in to make sure that no attendee knew the true final 3 before Project Runway aired. Santino
paraded out to the runway in his typical fun fashion...saying "What's up!" to all the New Yorkers and crediting
his mom by calling her "the sh*t". His creations ranged from very structured dresses reminiscent of Proenza
Schouler with structured bustiers and ended with more loose and flowy garments.
In the end ... you'll have to watch more Project Runway to find out who made it "in" and who was "out". Only
the judges know the winner for now. Project Runway airs on Bravo every Wed at 10 p.m. Central Time

The Lowdown by Jess --
editorial director:
Richard Renda
Special Thanks to: Olympus Fashion Week, 7th On Sixth, the City of New York, all the
Judges, IMG, Bravo Cable TV, and: Daniel Silberman NBC Universal for all your help.
photos by Jason Block.
Collection by Daniel
Collection by Kara
Collection by Chloe
Collection by Santino
The Lowdown ...

Written by

The Photographer
Jason Block

Editorial Director
Richard Renda

Laurie Schechter
Of course, since this Runway
presentation: The Show does
go on. We will keep you posted
and give you the results, as they
arise - at the bottom of this page.
Watched the next round
and Kara was OUT !
She created a simple
dress that did not "Wow"
the Judges or the Guest
Judge - IMAN - who
would unltimately wear
the creation.

So the final 3 Fashion
Designers are: Chloe,
Santino, and Daniel.

The Finalist to win in
this season of "Project
Runway" is: Chloe !
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