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American Museum of Natural History
- presents -
The Origin of Life
This is the most in-depth exhibition held to honor and trace the course
of this great thinker's lifetime. Darwin was a man who observed the
wonders of nature and wrote about evolution, the selective process. In
one example Darwin observed an Orchid where the nectar was not in
the center of the flower, but 12 inches down a stem. Darwin in theory
concluded for the flower to be cultivated there had to be an insect that
nature evolved which had a straw like tube to reach into the flower that
far. He was right. 45 years later a moth with a 12 inch straw connected
to its mouth was discovered. All this, Darwin's presentation, needs a
much bigger discussion which we will do eventually. For now we want
to let you know Darwin is happening at the Museum. For some it might
also say - there is life after death. A subject Darwin did not go into.
for your pleasure at the
Museum between 77th
Street and 81st Street on
Central Park West in New
York City through May 2006
The exhibit also includes an area that
displays Darwin's study room. Complete
with his chair, microscope, looking glass,
writings, books, and even his walking stick.
Meet The Man.
Meet The
What is interesting
is that this Exhibition
was conceived in
2002. It took three
years to put together.
Strange enough
2005 into 2006
has brought to
the public's eye
discussions of
something called
"Intelligent Design"
I.D. differs from
evolution, in that
Darwin based his
conclusions on
Nature evolving as a
common thread for
all life and "I.D."
may be for some a
"creationist" view of
religious dogma that
suggests human
life begins with the
Bible's Genesis --
only 6000 years ago.
Thinkers of "The
Highest Order" do
the same, yet they go
beyond the simplistic
idea of "I.D." -- as it
proposes that there is
a true design intended
by The Universe. To
include evolution and
life after death. Not
that evolution was
something unplanned
and just happened to
happen -- by accident
or nature's necessity .
One theory suggests
that it is a fact Time
itself never ends. It
is truly a living thing.
Therefore, noting that
Time never ends, and
it is a living function
alive, then neither
does the living being
end. The living being,
the being held inside
and housed by the
human body -- merely
passes on to the next
transition, after the last
breath concludes. A
transition in Life's
physical functions.
Noting transitions in
life's functions are real.
One example being,
a caterpillar transition
becomes a Butterfly. It
changes to something
different. Yet, it is still
the same entity.
So there is the age old
question of is there a God,
one true God operating the
design of Life itself, and is
there a plan thinking or a
design to why life happens
the way it does ? Not that
it just happens at random.
This is a step beyond The
Origin of Life that Darwin
did not take. Of course,
why would he ? He had
enough on his plate to
deal with. A human being
suggesting new thoughts
such as his would be
lambasted by society as it
were -- even if he were
All this brings to rise
a new thinking. We
put forth something
called: "The Highest
Order." In that it
walks a middle road
bringing physical
nature and spiritual
existence together.
Thinking in "The
Highest Order"
mindset suggests
that The Universe
operates in a certain
order -- that of
evolution as Darwin
suggested. But as
Darwin gained his
knowledge from
Nature, so does
"The Highest Order."
Darwin learned of
evolution by literally
watching Nature and
taking from that the
examples he found
as the function
process of real life.
(story continues right
side, then middle.)
It is suggested in presentation of "The Highest Order" thinking -- that to do as
Darwin did and look to Life to find the answers to the questions and mysteries of
the unknown. So in example: we as living beings, an individual intelligent mind, live
in one body. ("Live" is the key word there). Then, if we look at - the whole - of the
known Universe as one body, why would it be that there is not an intelligent mind
within that one body ??? An Intelligent Mind in the body of The Universe as a whole.
And since we come from the Universe, that existence would live inside of us too.
That idea scratches the surface of the truth of your own existence as a whole. It
would suggest the intelligent mind of the Universe, being it exists, has a plan which
includes Darwin's Origin of Life "evolution" and an existence that goes beyond what
we call death -- once we depart from this world. No scientist can disagree that:
"The Universe does operate at The Highest Order." If there is a mind in our body,
there must be a mind within the whole body of The Universe. As if there was a
flower whose nectar is 12 inches down a sterm, there must be an insect that can
reach it to cultivate the flower's continued growth. And there is. 45 years later that
insect was discovered as a factual existence. You might call it: Life. Complete.
We have to discuss all this more, later. Because it is important. We can learn much
from Darwin about our own Life. And "The Highest Order" does supercede the PR
spin of what is beyond a vain description to "Intelligent Design." There may very well
be Intelligent Design but it is at the realm of The Highest Order, which is inclusive of
all. Darwin was right. In Nature you find all the answers. Because there is a reason
for everything. Even the mysteries of "coincidence." To be continued. Let's move on.
Above: The Darwin Exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History
in New York City. Below: Johnson-Sea-Link submersible in the movie
"Galapagos," at the American Museum of Natural History IMAX Theater.
Darwin Portrait. One of the last photographs
taken of Charles Darwin, circa 1878.
© From the Richard Milner Archive
The uniquely American modern animals Darwin saw on
the Galápagos Islands, "Blue-footed Boobies" (Sula
nebouxii excisa). Photograph by: S. Quinn / AMNH.org
The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has many wonders to enjoy; display exhibits, special events, weekly
programs, large format movies, and more. Here we see fur sea lions lounge on rocks near the seashore in "Galapagos," a
Smithsonian Institution and IMAX Corporation Motion Picture Presentation. A Mandalay Media Arts Production. © IMAX.
photo credit:
C. Chesek
Looking through the Looking Glass. Meaning given to the word. "Wonder."
Butterfly Photographs by Dennis Finnin. Courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.
The Butterfly Conservatory: "Tropical Butterflies Alive In Winter." At the American Museum of Natural History from
October of 2005 into May 2006. Imagine a Butterfly alive exploring the human being. Isn't that what we see here ?
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