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A Holiday Present if you have ever seen one. The Victoria's Secret Runway Show. In New York City.
When you get to this point in Life and do not believe in ANGELS, you are missing out on some of the best
examples of real life that heaven has to give: Victoria's Secret. Photographs by Steven Di Leo. The
Historical Presentation on Worldwide Television by WCBS-TV ... held ... December 6th, 2005.
Very Special Thanks to: All the hard working Secret Runway Models, and to Victoria's Secret,
and Full Picture Public Relations. Thanks for all the help.
Also REMEMBER - when it is a Holiday Season or you need a gift on any intimate occasion Victoria's Secret stores
are everywhere, in cities around the world and on the internet in every computer in your home. A gift to be remembered.
Victoria's Secret.
As a Historical note for the pages of Fashion History - this is for Supermodel, Talk Show Host, all around Talented
Person ... Tyra Banks in: her Final Victoria's Secret Runway Show presentation. All our love to you Tyra. And thanks
for the BIG Smile and wave at the Phat Show - Radio City Music Hall. Big Hug. Totally Cool.
A Rockettes style Victoria's Secret dance kickline. Who could imagine ???
Coming to the End of the Show.
Special Events
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Totally Cool
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Angels Are Real !
Welcome To Victoria's Secret
photo credit: Steven Di Leo
On The Runway
Tyra Banks
Talk About Sexy ! It is always The Hottest Ticket In Town ... Hottest Ticket In The World.
"Totally Cool: Takes You There."
This is just a little Teaser - we will
do much more going forward.
Stay tuned.
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