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The Planetarium Shop at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City has many delights of wonder.
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Like a Rolling Stone. The American Museum of Natural History has Stones and Minerals that dazzle the eye
and be a remembered gift for a lifetime. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citron, and more ranging from $7 to $20 for
the affortable "Unique Gift" suggestion.
The Floating Thermometer. Always wanted one of those. Happy Holidays Shopping.
Images by Richard Renda.
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Whenever it comes time for a little holiday shopping -- whether it is a birthday, a little I Love You
message, or time of the season Holiday -- many of us look for what is called: "That unique Gift."
Yet we are not always sure where we can find one. A Museum is always a good place to look.
At the American Museum of Natural History in New York City they have little shops tucked into a
number of places within the Museum building. Each with a specialized theme. Like the Dino
Shop or The Space Center Shop. Even Darwin has his own shop with charm bracelets, books,
posters, shirts and a full array of assorted goodies. We will visit the Darwin Museum shop later
as we go forward in the Season. Here we are at the Planetarium Shop in The Rose Center.
photographs by
Richard Renda
LED Motion Message
Clock suspends time
in Space with your
own programmable
messages in English,
French, and Spanish
Gifts can also be
purchased from
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When you put a light on the side of this stone it shines through
the crystals' edges.
Okay stop monkeying around. Unless you are into the plush animal collectables.
Then you can monkey around all you want at the American Museum of Natural History.
There you find a little of everything from all around the World.
The beauty of traveling around the globe and you do not even have to leave
the comfort of your own home.
Globes of every size and shape. To fit every price range.
Movies ...
And Books.
Rahhh ... I am a Dinosaur. And ... Ain't I cute ?!!
The American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West between 77th Street and 81st Street
in New York City.
Gemstone Mineral Globes - made by inlaying each Country with one of over 20 different, highly polished,
semi-precious stones. The desktop globes and free standing globes are also unique conversation pieces
as they brightly decorate any room. Lapis Ocean with Metal base. Globes range from $16.00 to $275.00 --
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