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Walking To The Sky is a "celebration of the human potential for discovering who we are and where we need to go",
Jonathan Borofsky. Captured moment ... photo images by Richard Renda.
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Oh ... did we forget to mention that the father and son, and the construction worker, shown on the platform
of this Art Installation (at the top of the page) are actually a part of this Installation ? Here have closer look.
Reaching new Heights.
Walking To The Sky
with Jonathan Borofsky
In New York City events appear for a moment of History.
If you are lucky you may stumble on the unexpected.
Imagine walking in Midtown passing through Rockefeller
Center Plaza and as you come round the corner you see
this ... People "Walking To The Sky."
captured moment by Richard Renda
This is Jonathan Borofsky's first major outdoor work
in New York City ever. It is inspired by a story his
father used to tell him when he was a child about a
friendly giant who lived in the sky. And in each
telling, father and son would travel up to the sky to
talk to the Giant about what needed to be done for
everyone back on earth.
To see more of Jonathan's
works of Art, check out:
Now all of that then transforms into all of this ...
Jonathan Borofsky -- born in Boston, Massachusetts is a Contemporary
American Artist specializing in Installation Art and Public Structures.
Walking To The Sky appeared just above the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink - September thru October 2004. If you
look closely at this image you can see the top of Cafe tents that are placed in the rink area during non-winter months.
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