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Section 1:
outtakes and misc.
A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
The MagaZine
Having needed to tell the story about Astronaut Marsha Ivins message and present it on on our TV show
we needed live video footage and some b-roll of the dvd press gathering. The live footage was good. The
video we were getting due to the sun on the flat panel screen was a waste.
We went to Marsha and told her the problem and asked about getting a press copy of "The Exploration of Space",
the Reaching Out Into Space dvd presentation. Richard, having been a longtime member of the Press, asked that
maybe when the presentation was over we could secure the one copy that was there now. Marsha got on the cell
phone. And the next thing you know is phones were ringing across the Nation. The idea was that we thought it
would be great to report about Marsha's visit and get the message out to more of the people. 40 minutes later we
had NASA clearance and the Material was in hand. You are looking at the images now. This is The Presentation.
Reaching Out -- In To Space.
How far have we come ?
Space photos courtesy of NASA.
Photo credit (above) : Marsha Ivins,
Astronaut by Richard Renda.
How far can you go ???
There is a Great story here.
We'll tell it as we go along
and fly from one picture to
the next. And the story will
be told. It begins like this ...
We love the way the two
images immediately below
Marsha go together. The
vision of the past in front of
us. The Future waiting in the
background to happen. And
then it does. The shuttle
gracefully rockets into the
unknown on a voyage of
Marsha S. Ivins,

Many people seem to forget where we have come from. Humankind's first steps on the moon.
A NASA Astronaut, Marsha Ivins came to New York to make a presentation about the potential of and the
nature of exploration in Space. The Venue was Olympic Fashion Week (fondly known as "7th on Sixth"), in
the New York International Fashion Shows Tent Complex lobby. Marsha, after having spoken to select
members of the International Press Corps, then presented a dvd on a large flat panel TV. The presentation
had some beautiful images and wonders that spoke a message of "This is the Universe YOU Come From."
Except the sun was coming through a part of the Tent roof and shining on part of the screen.
"The message is what potential is out there in front of us in space. The nature of
exploration, the gift of discovery", Marsha Ivins - Astronaut, NASA . And follow astronauts.

"The planets and galaxies ... are all Hubble pictures except the one of Saturn which is from Cassini. The
very end star fly through shot (on the next page) is a zoom into the Hubble picture of galaxies ... you see
all of those points of light. Each 'point' is a galaxy. A GALAXY, not a star but a whole galaxy", Marsha Ivins.
That's just mind boggling.

"The Apollo footage is from Apollo 16 and 17. In fact the gentleman narrating that part over the moon footage
(during the dvd presentation) is John Young and it's John ON the moon trekking in the ..." scenes above.
Images courtesy of
Astronaut Marsha S. Ivins
and everyone at NASA.
We hope you are enjoying
the visual journey.
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